Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Three Delightfully Random Tidbits

Hello my friends! Okay, I'm trying to act nonchalant...but of course you know by now I'm not good at that...so do you see the new little logo I'm sporting in my upper-right-hand corner? Yep, it's the Delightful Blogs logo. I'm now included in the "design" section of their lovely little directory, and I'm tickled pink to be there (seeing as how it was one of my goals when I began blogging frequently just a few short months ago). This directory is a lot of fun, because not only am I listed with some other pretty wonderful blogs (decor8, design*sponge, Hostess with the Mostess, to name a few) but you - yes, you, dear reader - have the opportunity to cast a vote and rate my site. >begin shameless plug<>end shameless plug<
(Thanks for putting up with me. :-) )
**Edited to add: this is SO embarrassing...but as I was clicking around on Delightful Blogs...I accidentally rated my own site. Then, as if that wasn't silly enough, I gave it the lowest possible rating. HA! Serves me right for clicking around like a bull in a china shop. So now I really need you to rate my site because my OWN rating lowered my score. Now really, I promise I do have at least a small amount of intelligence...I just have my moments. :-) **
Next happy tidbit: check out pics, then read below...
after...images via Hooked on Houses

For those of you who have a gigantic, dated mirror in your bathroom and have no idea how to either get rid of it or make it a little less ugly, you need to read Julia's post at Hooked on Houses about Mirror Mates. It's a solution that is cheaper than hiring a professional to come and remove your old mirror (and then, of course, purchase a new mirror or two to replace it). Of course, if you are handy (I am not) or have a very handy person who lives with you (I do not) you could have them create mouldings for your mirror. But I digress. You could also just order what you need from Mirror Mates.

And for our last happy tidbit: Do you ever have to host a baby shower and don't know what games to play? You feel obligated to play SOME game, because the baby-shower-fairy wills it, but what game? And how cheesy does it have to be? Well, BabySmarts is apparently a non-cheesy game you can play at a baby shower. I found this product on the Stem blog (blogger Amy is an event designer). I've got a few showers coming up myself and may consider investing in this. For $16.95 it's pretty reasonably-priced and apparently not cheesy at all. (Perhaps you love the cheese - in which case this could be a drawback - for me, it's a selling point.)


  1. Thanks for linking to Hooked on Houses, Courtney. Those mirror makeovers are pretty amazing, aren't they? I love a good before and after.

    Congrats on being a Delightful Blog! How cool is that? I went straight there to rate you (highly). -Julia :-)

  2. I gave you a 10, sister! You're just like me, as far as rating yourself. When I was a Senior in high school, I was nominated for prom queen (at the time, that was SUCH a big deal - ha!). I was up against a really good friend of mine. Everyone was telling me to vote for myself, but I just couldn't. I voted for my friend. Do you know that I lost by ONE VOTE?? LOL! I remember the counter approaching me and saying that they had done 3 recounts just to make sure. I was really happy that my friend won, actually. She got to share a special dance with the guy elected prom king. They were really good friends and it all worked out really well. Ok, talk about digressing.......I love you and I love your blog. And I'm all about non-cheesy baby showers!

  3. I LOVE it, Char! That is too funny!

  4. ...and what I also meant to say was, THANKS FOR VOTING!! :-)

  5. I gave you a ten. I'd have given you an eleven if I could. :o) I love that you linked Hooked on Houses on your site. Julia is one of my favorites!!

  6. Hey, I know her! Thanks for stopping by Stem. I'm still waiting to decide whether or not to thank you for giving me another wonderful blog to check daily. : )

    Love it. I'll head over and rate you now!


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