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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shopping With a Purpose

wouldn't this be a lovely space to sit at your desk with your laptop and do some online shopping?

So I have to admit...I love shopping. Really. What woman doesn't? Okay, I know there are a few out there...but don't tell me if you don' will blow my theory out of the water. Just let me live in ignorance and assume everyone out there enjoys the shallow pursuit of things - particuarly bargain things - like I do. So when I found out there was a way to make my shallow pursuit of things seem only slightly less shallow, I said...sign me up!

or what about this beautiful space?

Okay, in all seriousness...I love the idea of this website, . I read about it in my latest issue of Home magazine. The idea is, you can shop online via at major participating retailers like Target, Nordstrom, Home Depot, Old Navy, Smith & Hawken and many others, and a portion of the total will be donated to one of their participating non-profit organizations of your choice. There are many worthy organizations participating in this program - enough that the chances are good that you'll find one close to your heart. (I do hope they start including some smaller, faith-based organizations soon, though - there are so many great - but little - organizations out there that are doing very great things with very little help.)

or this one? (can you tell I'm into blue right now?)

Shopping AND giving - now there are two of my favorite things, put together like peanut butter & jelly. If you're like me, you're going to spend money at some of these places anyway. How about we make our dollars work extra hard, and for a good cause?

Image 1: garden offices UK; images 2 & 3: Belle Vivir blog

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Little Girl's Bedroom Makeover - for free!

It's another no-money makeover! This time, it was a sweet little girl's bedroom. This makeover was more about what we took out of the room, and less about what we brought in. In fact, simply going through her books and deciding which ones they no longer needed, eliminated about 50% of the books we had to bring back into the room. Another major change was removing the light green curtains - the color wasn't working well with the strong yellow walls. A third major change was bringing out a different bedding set the client already owned, which coordinated much better with the existing color palette of the room and its accessories.


The #1 issue in this room - TOO MUCH FURNITURE! And on all the walls, furniture and floor - just had too much stuff everywhere.

I eliminated two major pieces of furniture - which weren't being utilized much anyway - and made the bed the star of the show by centering it under the window.


more "stuff" everywhere...we just needed to simplify...


ah...much better...



Here's a close-up of the little curtain makeover I did, because sometimes you can go a little over-the-top in a little girl's bedroom. I created a window treatment out of sheer white curtains, an organza tablecloth, and a bandana! Here's a better picture of it:

This photo's a little dark, but you can see how I layered a small organza tablecloth on the diagonal over the curtains. Then, I layered a brightly colored bandana over that. It was a fun way to bring a little more color to the windows, without having to use the lime green curtains that were there before.

I also left the client with recommendations for new paint, which I know she was very anxious to do. The yellow coordinated nicely with the bedding, but was just too strong for them - so I recommended two lighter shades of creamy yellow for both above and below the chair rail.

This sweet girl and her mother were really happy with the transformation, and I have to say I was too! They had wonderful accessories to work with, it was just a matter of editing everything down, simplifying, and bringing some calm and order to the space.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Little Valentine's Perspective

Happy Valentine's Day! Yes, this is my second post today...but I couldn't resist telling you a few more things. First, look at these cute cookies I bought at Home Goods for $2 each...(they're huge)...

...and this felt gift bag, also $2 from Home Goods...

...and look at some of the Valentines my daughter and I made...there were 46 total...

...which we then put in a basket and delivered to the elderly people in the rehabilitation center of Hope Village in Canby.

And let me tell was really time-consuming to make the cards...and even harder because it was a really rough week for me physically (due to my endometriosis)...but I got my reward when I saw those beautiful, wrinkled faces light up at the sight of my two smiling little girls, handing them homemade Valentines. I almost burst into tears once I got to the car. I was so proud of my girls and what a good job they did, and my heart was so full because I really felt that we had seriously blessed some people.

Inside the card, I'd handwritten the following message:

"Happy Valentine's Day! God loves you. Love, the Goodwin family"

It's true for you, too, my friend. Consider yourself hugged today!