Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Finds

These are the springy, Easter-y things I'm swooning over today on etsy....prepare yourself for the fabulousness...

And dazeychic, who has been one of my favorite sellers on etsy for the last two years, is having a special sale! Buy one print, get one free! So I'd probably pick up ths one:

And today I WILL be that happy...because I'm painting my bedroom! Woohoo! Finally the last, most embarrassing room of the house, is getting a little TLC. Soon I will have my own before-and-after pics for you. :-) Until then, happy weekend!

Monday, March 22, 2010

celebrating with dr. seuss and the abc's

My little boy turned one on Saturday, and I wanted to celebrate in style!  So I decided on a theme based on this book...

It was kind of a joint Dr. Seuss & ABC's theme. When I found a seller on Etsy who could create a custom t-shirt for my little man to wear, that's when I knew I could take this theme and run with it. So I did. (I'll show you the t-shirt a little further down in this post.)

The special cupcake reserved for my little guy.

Each cupcake topper either said "A is for Angel" or "B is for Boy" or "C is for Caleb". This time I tried making Red Velvet cupcakes and boy...they were good (if I do say so myself). I used this recipe and the cupcakes and frosting were just about the best I've ever made.

Balloons are always cheap but add so much color. Love 'em.

It was impossible to find Dr. Seuss-themed decor so I realized I'd have to make it myself. I think this guy is one of the things I'm most proud of. I found foamboard at the Dollar Tree. Who knew? Usually that stuff is fairly expensive at the craft store. So, on one of them I re-created this guy from the front of my inspiration book (Dr. Suess' ABC). I honestly didn't know if I could do it...but I guess I could. My girls obviously thought I did an okay job because they were petting him and "feeding" him once I got it completed!

Trays from Target's spring-themed dollar section. These were the $2.50 variety, but still...perfect! And the napkins were all from Target too.
These napkins kinda reminded me of the Cat in the Hat's hat, so I had to get them.

All the little buckets with flowers, utensils, and candy in them...Targets $1 section again. This little tree is from Dollar Tree.

I used foam stickers from the kids' section of Michaels for the cupcake toppers.
Scrapbook paper on foamboard is the background for this display of the invitation. Oh how I love thee, Scrapbook Paper.
Bunting made of scrapbook paper again. Have I mentioned that I love scrapbook paper? So cheap, so easy.
Normally I would be morally opposed to blue flowers. But if you can't have blue flowers at a Dr. Seuss party, when can you?

I cut the ABC's out of foamboard as well. Hard to tell in this photo, but they're a good 18 inches tall.
And here's my little man, in his custom t-shirt by dzns4ubyme  Didn't she do an AMAZING job? (And great to work with, too!) The shirt's folds hide this in the photo, but it says "Angel Boy Caleb". One of his nicknames is Angel Boy ('cause he really is!) and so that's how we personalized the ABC's for this party.

And a great time was had by all, including the guest of honor. He very much enjoyed his first frosting ever, thankyouverymuch.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

another party on the way

My baby boy is turning one on Saturday. I can't believe it.

I'm throwing another party. I can't believe that either. Didn't I just get done with my kids' birthday parties?

Apparently not. I need to get used to having a March baby now, to follow my December and January babies.

Anyway...the photo above is a little hint as to the theme of the party. If I can pull off everything on my list, it will be sooo cute. If I can just pull off half the things on my list, it will just be cute. I'll check in soon to let you know if it turns out SOOO cute, or just cute.

Friday, March 12, 2010

friday's fabulous finds...vintage-inspired finds for the home

Hi friends! It's Friday...what better time to bring back my Friday's Fabulous Finds posts? This week I'm focusing on some of the great home decor you can find on Etsy...not much more rhyme or reason to it than that, just things that are speaking to me at the moment. I noticed after the fact that most of it is vintage-inspired. Funny story...someone who doesn't know me very well asked me last night if I like vintage. I just laughed and said "Do I like vintage??" I didn't know what else to say, for some reason it just struck me as funny. Because I looooove vintage. Anyway, check out these fun finds and their lovely shops on Etsy.

set of three suitcase tables, by lovenostalgicwhimsy

Somehow these vintage suitcases have almost managed to take on a life of their own! They are so whimsical and sweet. I almost want to name them and make them my pets. But I would settle for using them as end tables instead.

This pillow is just so happy and cheerful, I can't get over it! Plus it combines my favorite turqoise with yellow, a happy color I'm incorporating into my living room accessories this spring.

blue nigthstand/end table by TheVintageBarn

Oh my. Vintage. Blue. Original hardware. Need I say more?

square linen pillow cover, by inklingprints

I can't get enough of linen these days, it seems. Loving the deep turquoise print on this one.

These banners kind of make me swoon. I wouldn't need an event or reason to display them. They're just plain cute and I'd display them everyday.

This is the perfect spring accessory for my dining room table. This one is created by Jen, who blogs over at Sanctuary Art. Jen was one of my very FIRST friends in blogland. I've been so happy to see her expanding her already flourishing artistic business by selling on Etsy and I love giving her a shout-out, not only because I think her runner (and her whole shop) is fabulous, but because I consider her a friend. :-)

There you go...feast your eyes and your wallets on this loveliness. Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

my weekend (or week-day!) must-reads...

my husband's photo, taken last photo-editing

I've been spending a lot of time gaining inspiration from the blogosphere lately. I've had sick kids all week and so while they watch more TV than usual, I've had a chance to be on the computer more than usual. I've been editing photos left and's my new addiction...and reading blogs, which is an old addiction. Sometimes blogs can be sensory thing leads to another, leads to another...and before you know it you are deeply entranced in the personal writings of someone that you would never have the chance to rub shoulders with in real life. But suddenly you can read about what inspires can see pictures of their most personal spaces...get recipes from their favorite foods...and hear their tips on photography. It's a pretty amazing thing when you think about it.

So, without further ado...and in no particular are some of the things that have been inspiring to me lately. I hope you follow the links and check them out - although consider yourself warned - you will find CRAZILY creative people!

So I'm in love with The Pioneer Woman. She is truly a Jill of all trades and seems to be a master of all of them. She's a former city girl who fell in love with a cowboy. Now she lives on a ranch with her husband and four kids. The question is not, what does this woman do that is noteworthy?, but rather....what does she NOT do? She's recently written and published her own cookbook, she homeschools her four children, she is a seriously GIFTED photographer, a witty and entertaining writer. Seriously, people. If I were less of a person I would hate her. But I've chosen the path of love instead.

Have you heard of Amy Atlas? I've had her website in my bookmarks for about the last year and a half. How in the world did I miss the fact that she has a blog? Seriously. I went over there yesterday and spent a ridiculous amount of time drinking in the (literally!) eye candy. She creates high-end dessert tables that are so elegant and coordinated and look positively yummy. I think I gain a little bit of weight each time I look at them...but it's so worth it.

I just discovered Marianne from Songbird. She has a beautiful blog and is another one of those ridiculously talented women....ladies, she makes her own clothes. Gulp. And I'm not talking about how she wraps a piece of fabric around her body, toga-fashion. I'm talking cute, detailed, boutique-quality clothes. Oh, and curtains, and home decor, and...and...these plaster roses that I have totally fallen in love with. It actually looks easy enough for me to do. I WILL try these one day. Really, I will.

spotted on Etsy: Organic Baby Boots in green, by infusion

I also spend a lot of time window-shopping on Etsy. Some of you have asked how you can view my list of favorite things from other sellers on Etsy. If you go to my Etsy shop, you'll see a sidebar on the right. Scroll down the list of options, and "Favorites" is one of them. But, if you need me to hold your's the link. I'm considering going back to my "Friday's Fabulous Finds" posts because there is SO much handmade beauty and creativity out there, and I really like to spotlight artists and their work here.

Okay, if you stuck with me all the way through my wordy little brain-dump, thank you. And perhaps you should check your temperature. Fevers are going around, you know. :-)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I think I'm in love...

...with these cupcake kits I just discovered (via Oh Happy Day). Check out Meri Meri for a beautiful selection of sweetly designed kits, containing cupcake liners + toppers. Oh my word. I might be getting one of these for my son's first birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. But even if I don' should.