Sunday, February 24, 2008

affordable and beautiful chandeliers

I'm currently working on re-doing my dining room, but I have an interesting dilemma. It's technically a living room that I am currently using as a dining room, which means there is no overhead lighting whatsoever. To give it that proper dining room look, it really needs a chandelier. If budget were no object, I'd simply hire an electrician to come out and wire it for a chandelier. Since I'm short on funds, though - which is nothing new - I've been researching non-electric chandeliers that hold good old-fashioned candles. I've been loving what I've found and decided to share some of them with you. The best part is that almost everything I've pictured below is under $50! (For price and details, click on the photos.)

...and then I got a little distracted and started finding other kinds of chandeliers...on pillows, walls, and curtains...


  1. Who knew that there were so many kinds of candle chandeliers? I especially like the black wrought iron one (you knew I would) but what about that one with the multi-colored glass pendants? Wow! C's mom

  2. I really love the one with the multi-colored glass pendants! Hope you're feeling better...



  3. I cannot thank you enough for this!!! It is a true delight to find someone who understands a ladies "inner fabulousness"...yet on a restrictive budget! Your blog is simple to use, and completely honest! I have searched everywhere to replace my non electric chandelier, almost lost hope, then found your style choices! Brava Daughling!

  4. Thank you! I love these ideas. I'm a little late, so some of them are no longer available, but I found one I want!

  5. Can anyone tell me detailson where I can find that first chandelier-when I click on it it brings up the one below....

  6. Just found this site! I'm so thrilled! Thanks for the ideas. You're awesome. Happy Holidays!


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