Saturday, February 9, 2008

Candle Giveaway Winner...

I put all the names in a hat, and last night my three-year-old picked one. (She had no idea what she was doing but was pretty cute doing it anyway.) And so, drumroll, please...and the winner is...

LAUREE, who had this comment: "My favorite candles are from the "Old Virginia Candle" company. They are made from soy wax (so they burn a lot cleaner) and come in these darling primitive looking jars. They burn cleanly and evenly and smell wonderful! They are a bit pricey purchased online, but I have recently found some for about half-price at HOME GOODS."

I may post a photo later of the cute little gift bag I put together with the candle in it. And, by the way, I discovered to my dismay that instead of it being a 26 oz. candle, it was only a 16 oz. candle!! Yikes! So I immediately threw in a second smaller Salt City jar candle ("Cappacino Brulee" flavor...yum) in addition to the Apricot Basil one to try to make it equal to what I originally posted. I can't believe I did that...I'll be more careful next time. Want to keep up the good rep. and all!

Thanks for playing, my friends, and I daresay I'll do this again in the near keep reading...keep commenting...keep in touch!

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