Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Little Valentine's Perspective

Happy Valentine's Day! Yes, this is my second post today...but I couldn't resist telling you a few more things. First, look at these cute cookies I bought at Home Goods for $2 each...(they're huge)...

...and this felt gift bag, also $2 from Home Goods...

...and look at some of the Valentines my daughter and I made...there were 46 total...

...which we then put in a basket and delivered to the elderly people in the rehabilitation center of Hope Village in Canby.

And let me tell was really time-consuming to make the cards...and even harder because it was a really rough week for me physically (due to my endometriosis)...but I got my reward when I saw those beautiful, wrinkled faces light up at the sight of my two smiling little girls, handing them homemade Valentines. I almost burst into tears once I got to the car. I was so proud of my girls and what a good job they did, and my heart was so full because I really felt that we had seriously blessed some people.

Inside the card, I'd handwritten the following message:

"Happy Valentine's Day! God loves you. Love, the Goodwin family"

It's true for you, too, my friend. Consider yourself hugged today!


  1. Loved it and your blog...keep up the great work with your daughter xoxo 3hearts Lizette

  2. made our day...what a wonderful, wonderful made us smile and the world a better place to live today!

    Have a blessed and wonderful Valentine's day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  3. You have a great blog! I am going to add you to my blogroll! Happy Valentine's day..
    Jen R


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