Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My $20 Quest for a Fabulous Valentine's Day Table

Day 1: I started at Goodwill, where I was hoping for some pretty china or glassware. I didn't find either, but I did find this LARGE piece of pink & white fabric - tablecloth size - for $3.99. It's vintage, I'm guessing from the 1960's - I can picture the late Queen Mother wearing a suit & matching hat out of this fabric. (And of course, pearls and gloves...but I digress.)
Day 2: I happened upon these plates at Target in their dollar section, of all places. The dinner plates were $2.50 each, and the two appetizer plates were $2.50 for the set. And they are actually ceramic, not plastic! However, I have to admit I was hoping for pink dishes, so I'll keep my eyes peeled. I'm not afraid to return these if I find something better.
Total Spent So Far: $8.99
Amount left to spend: $11.01
Check back for updates!

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