Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Valentine's Day (Part II)

It's Week 2 of my Valentine's Day finds from Etsy. As always, I tried to select pieces that are not only great on their own, but which represent an entire shop worth of wonderful goodness. So be sure to browse each artist's store...I love them all!

"I Fancy You" set of ten cards with kraft envelopes, made by Michelle Brusgaard...they are both whimsical and elegant. I think they'd work just as well to give to a friend as to a significant other.

It's not strictly a "Valentine" gift...but who doesn't adore red cherries? And red cherries on jewelry with Swarovski crystals is even better. I fell in love with this bracelet and just had to post it. Seller Moppet's Closets also offers custom name-stamped jewelry that is unique and affordable...I'm thinking they'd make great Mother's Day gfits. Be sure to browse...
This is a sweet and simple letterpress card with the words "I Love You" spelled out in sign language. I am really loving anything letterpressed right now, and also any Valentine's Day cards that are not your typical Hallmark card. This one by Letterary Press is both.

Vintage heart-shaped salad molds & cookie cutters lot from Estate Sale Treasures. Some of you out there like to collect these little salad molds...for others it's a good way to organize little things on your desktop. Personally, I think this would be a cute way to package a little Valentine's Day gift of candy, a cupcake, or - my favorite - jewelry. Put the gift inside and just tie it all up with red or pink ribbon and voila! A cute gift for V. Day.

"I Heart You" set of four cards and envelopes by Enfin, La Voila!. This is also not the "typical" Valentine's card...but there's just something about this whole line of fabulous cards based on antique and baroque designs that really appeal to me. They are old-fashioned but somehow quirky, fresh and modern at the same time. Be sure to look at the rest of the shop!

I find this "Pocket Full of Love" print by Studio Mela to be really charming! I've always played a game with my daughter about having "something in my pocket. what is it? it's a BIG HUG for you!" so this reminds me a little of that. I just think it's really cute and could work in any kind of setting.

Have a great weekend...and be sure to check out everything else these fabulous artists have in their shops! Tomorrow morning I'll post the winner of the Salt City Candle giveaway. (We haven't done the drawing yet or I'd post it now...patience, Grasshopper!)

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