Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Confessions of an Interior Redesigner

Prepare yourself for something shocking. I desperately wanted to try and pass this bedroom photo off as belonging to an anonymous client, but I just can't. It's mine. It's MINE, okay? Aww, man. I can't believe I'm posting this for all the world to see. But, I'm hoping you can take away a few tips...
First, my number one dilemma: too much jewelry and not enough storage. Okay, too much jewelry isn't a dilemma (can one ever have too much jewelry??) but the storage issue definitely is. My number two dilemma (some would argue this is actually number one): I'm naturally messy. Two major strikes against me. Add to that, a sadly neglected bedroom. I'm my own best (or worst) client! AFTER
The Victorian dresser is not really my style, but it's one of my few family heirlooms, so I hold onto it for sentimental reasons. It works better with fresh artwork on either side. Now my bedroom is no longer Where Lamps Go To Die (note the two lamps in the BEFORE photo), and there's plenty of room for all my jewelry. It's a lot easier to keep it neat now, and this makeover cost less than $20! Here's how I did it:
Thank goodness for Ikea!! I purchased three of these boards with knobs on them for $1.99 each and hung them on the wall next to the closet. Plenty of storage for all my necklaces!
I also bought a beautiful green glass mosaic box at Home Goods for $9.99...mostly because it's pretty...but it works great for all my bracelets. (Sorry, I forgot to get a close-up of this.)

I collected some artwork that we picked up in Italy a few years ago and unified them all by painting the frames white.
I heart spray paint!
I added a few silver accessories, because it's usually a fairly dark room and could really use anything that will reflect light.


  1. Awesome job, Court! I'm coveting your necklace collection!

  2. Great job Courtney! I'm working up to redesigning our master bedroom... but I don't know if I'm brave enough to show the before photos! : )




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