Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Nesting

This week I have nests on the brain. I suppose it's a combination of reasons; for one, it's that time of year where I think that spring is almost in sight. Allegedly. And, of course, the nesting instinct of a bird is the inspiration for the name of my business and my blog, which is very much on my mind these days! Bird and nest themes seem to be everywhere, so I thought I'd choose a few of my favorites to showcase for you. As always, each of these pieces represent an artist whose entire Etsy shop is definitely worth browsing. Enjoy!
I love this "Nesting in the Magnolia" print of an original painting by Hadley Hutton. It's romantic without being too flowery. I feel a real sense of calm when I look at's like a window into a quiet moment where time stands still. I really like all the other paintings by this artist...and since it's a print, it's quite affordable.

"goldfinch nest" necklace in detail
This "goldfinch nest" necklace by adorn has been on my "favorites" list for weeks. It manages to convey a theme - nest & eggs - with elegance and refinement. It is so sweet and unique - I imagine it would also be a real conversation piece to wear.

nest cards (pack of 6)
These nest notecards by Gilt Goods are cute and simple and would work for any occasion. (In fact, come to think of it, they'd work great for me!) It's a print of the artist's original's like sending a little piece of springtime in the mail.

"inspired nesting" print

I love these prints from groundwork, by D. Ray. One of each for me, please. I like the graphic quality of "inspired nesting" and the sense of humor in "the perfect spot". I like all the other artwork from this artist, too.
Aren't these soaps adorable? That's right...both the nest and the eggs are actually soaps. These birds nest soaps by pixie potions would be perfect in my guest bathroom this spring. I would set them out on a little plate, or perhaps on a tray or in a basket on a bed of moss. These are just too cute...and not a bad price either.

"Nest on Blue" original acrylic painting by Kellydesigns. This lucky egg is ready for its close-up, and so is its beautiful nest! Kelly is a talented artist who offers many other similar nest paintings in a variety of color palettes (even black and white), so if you like the image you see but would love to see it in a different color, be sure to visit the shop! (Also check out the painting I Must Garden. Love it.)
Happy Friday, my friends!

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