Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Top 3 Life-Altering Gadgets for Under $10

Don't laugh at me (okay, go ahead!)...but, yes...I do consider these little gadgets to be life-altering. The kind of gadget that once you buy it and start to use it, you wonder how you survived without it all this time. In fact, how did anybody survive without it? You may think I'm being trivial (I am) or that I'm way behind the times (that too - I'd always rather spend my money on beauty over function) but today, just for fun, I thought I'd share my Top Three Life-Altering Gadgets Under $10. You see, I've finally succumbed to the nasty bug my daughter had...in fact, the whole family is down and out with fevers and sore throats, etc. So in celebration of Germfest '08, a Life-Altering List!
1. It's no wonder the Dark Ages were dark - they didn't have any of these! This is an apple corer-slicer from Ikea. Every single day I cut up apples at lunch for my kids. Had I known it would only require $2.99 on a trip to Ikea I would have purchased this LONG before I actually did. Hmmm, five seconds versus two minutes of meticulous slicing...I'll take the five seconds.

2. If you are a spray-paint afficionado like I am (I only tag ugly furniture, however), you are familiar with the cramp where your finger is permanently in a hooked position for hours after a long spray paint session. No longer! This Spray Can Handle by Rustoleum requires an investment of $3.79 - no kidding - and you'll be able to paint furniture for hours and hours without looking like Captain Hook afterwards.

3. If you're not an avocado fan, you won't be blown away by this. But if you do like avocado, even occasionally...oh my word, this is fabulous. My priciest gadget in the list at $9.95 (gasp!) this avocado slicer from Crate and Barrel was left in my stocking last Christmas and is probably one of my best stocking stuffers ever. (I've actually pictured the Target version here, which sells for only $5.99.) I have a baby who LOVES avocado, and the rest of the fam likes it too - so this gadget that removes the avocado from the peel while slicing it neatly at the same time is a winner.
What did I tell you? Life-altering, huh? (Boy, does my life need more excitement or what!)

Do you have any life-altering gadgets to tell me about?


  1. ha ha!! As soon as I read the title of this post I thought "My apple cutter is my favorite gadget" and what do I see when I scroll down? The very same apple peeler I purchased at Ikea. lol Love it.

  2. These are great gadgets! I want them all!

    Hope you all feel better soon over there. -Julia

  3. Great finds - love the apple one!

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