Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Mother's Day gift ideas

Can you believe it's already almost Mother's Day? (Wasn't it just Christmas, like, yesterday?) Well, believe it, my friends, and celebrate it, with the help of this week's Fabulous Finds. Here are some perfect gift ideas to help you celebrate the mom in your life - whether that be your mother, wife, daughter, a friend, or yourself, for goodness' sake. This collection just happens to be in earth tones and blues...I'm telling you, sometimes the color palette is intentional, and sometimes it just works out that way. How do I do that? (Even I don't know.) Anyway, have fun browsing the shops of these uber-talented artists. Many of them have been in my "favorites" for a long time, and I've been just waiting for the right moment to showcase them.

"Mother - Your Love is a Song" necklace

"Grandma - A Garden of Love Grows in a Grandma's Heart" necklace

When I first laid eyes on these pendants, it took me about half a second to decide I adored them. On the front is collaged "mother" or "grandma" and on the back has the phrase listed above...but they are also customizable, to say whatever you'd like them to say....perhaps a name, or favorite verse, or simple message. Etsy artist Kellie0901 creates these little works of art for her shop, Charmed!. I had too many favorites in her shop to list them all here, so check it out for yourself and you're sure to find something.

recipe cards (set of 12) "from the kitchen of..."

This is a set of 12 recipe cards by wonderful Etsy seller Kiss 'n Tell Cards featuring illustrations of 4 different herbs: peppermint, thyme, fennel, and parsley. I like the elegant, old-fashioned look of these, and it's a unique idea for someone who is a good cook and has recipes that people want. (I'm not sure what that feels like, myself. :-) ) Although I would have a hard time giving these beauties away!

"Moon Flowers" - original textured painting
set of 2 abstract minimalist landscapes - original paintings
I discovered this artist a few months ago and was this close to purchasing one of her paintings, but it sold in the 24-hour period it took me to make up my mind to buy it. When you look at her work, you can see why. Etsy seller EarthArt produces a wide range of beautiful original paintings in a wide range of sizes and prices as well...nice for people like me on a tight budget, but it also gives me something to save for if I want to splurge on a larger piece of hers.
blue crystalline bud vase
I am such a sucker for vases...especially wheel-thrown blue ones that are one-of-a-kind. Hey, like this one! This charming wheel-thrown crystalline bud vase by PottersVision is a great little gift idea. Search the shop for other colors and vessels.

"Spring Tree" hand-finished print

Isn't this print beautiful? Etsy artist Slavko produces a large number of prints, paintings, and unique art pendants. I was especially drawn to this Spring Tree print. The artist explains that "hand-finished" means "added some paint by hand where it is needed to make it close to original in colors using high quality acrylic paint and acrylic gel, to have some visible strokes". Only $15 for a huge (16x12) hand-embellished print.

The Mother's Circle - customizable necklace

Cascade Mother (or family) necklace

I can finally showcase this beautiful shop - I've had it in my favorites for months and was making myself wait until Mother's Day to show them off. Etsy seller Birthdesigns offers a myriad of customizable jewelry and keychains for mothers, moms-to-be, grandmothers, daughters - really anyone that you would like to honor with custom jewelry. You select the names and one of their many styles that you'd like - Birthdesigns does the rest. I love sentimental gifts at Mother's Day, and this one definitely fits the bill!

There's your Fabulous Finds for this week. Thanks for all your well-wishes for my health (and that of my family). This is a nasty virus that is just hanging on longer than normal, it seems, and quarantine is getting old. That's why I'm so glad I have this little "escape" of window-shopping and writing and chatting a bit with friends I've never actually met. So have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Beautiful mothersday finds! We've had ours over here, but its always time for giving my mother a little gift ;-) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. thanks Diana! and Monica - thank you too - good reminder that Mother's Day is coming up only for us Americans - how easily I forget! but the world is so small in blogland. :-)

  3. Great finds!! love so many of these items- will have to go find out more info on the circle necklace!!! Have a fabulous weekend!

    kari & kijsa

  4. I needed some ideas for Mother's Day and these are great ones. Thanks so much, Courtney. I should be working today on a writing project that's due this week, but now all I want to do is shop. If I don't get it done on time, I'll just blame you. -Julia :-)

  5. Great finds! I love them all!!!! I like the necklaces, they have a"ransomy" kind of feel to them...;)
    Jen R


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