Wednesday, April 23, 2008

decorating dilemma? ask the experts...

photo from Taverne Agency via Renovate + Decorate

As Germfest '08 continues in my household, I'm left with little time or energy for blogging. But I can't leave you without at least a little short post for the day, so I thought I'd send you the way of a friend of mine. Belinda is a website editor for the Australian magazine Real Living, and she writes a fun blog called Renovate + Decorate which I like to check in on frequently. Today's post asked readers to submit questions about decorating dilemmas. She will choose a few questions, run them by a panel of experts, and your question (and their answer) may be included in a feature she's writing for the Real Living website next month. Fun, huh? So head on over and submit a question. This could be your chance for fame and fortune and...well, perhaps that's exaggerating slightly. But it is a good chance to have your burning question answered by more than one expert. And that's cool.


  1. Get well soon! This sure is going around. I had it for 2 weeks and then I gave it to Greg (wasn't that generous of me??) and he has had it for about a week and a half now. Oy!

  2. Hey sweetie, was catching up on my favorite blogs and saw that you're sick. Hope your having lots of fluids and making sure to take some time to put your feet up and rest too.

    Feel better soonest.

    xoxo - Shauntelle

  3. thanks you guys! all I can say is, thank goodness for TheraFlu! Man, that stuff is NASTY but it sure is a lifesaver! Helps me feel almost human again. :-)

  4. Thanks, I left a question, so I'll be curious to see the answer! I hope you fele better soon! Jen r


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