Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Artist of the Month - Amber Alexander

Good morning everyone! I had hoped to be a little more wordy in yesterday's post about my new dining room, but I had a three-year-old trying to knock down my bedroom door (this was before 7 a.m. mind you) and the pressure was mounting to get my photos posted and be done. So, I'm back today (in almost the same scenario) and just want to invite you to check out my dining room makeover from yesterday and let me know what you think! The sore muscles are finally starting to subside, the paint smell is slowly dissipating, and I am left with a light, bright, and calming room. Ah! The satisfaction of a large job (almost) completed!

Anyway, back to the business at hand for today. This is really exciting...I just love this artist! This month's Artist of the Month is Amber Alexander. I mentioned in my monthly e-zine for April that I would be featuring an interview with her here on the blog, so here she is! (To subscribe to my monthly e-zine, just click on the "subscribe" button on the top right of this page.)

You may remember that I featured some of Amber Alexander's work in a Friday's Fabulous Finds post back in March. I got a sense that her work was a real "crowd favorite", so I decided it would be fun to get to know Amber a little better this month! Amber paints the most charming animals with very realistic details and human qualities that show a real sense of humor. You get the sense that she's got a twinkle in her eye while she paints, and probably knows the animal's name before she's even done with the piece.

Amber strikes me as a modern-day Beatrix Potter. Her paintings would work equally well in a children's bedroom or in the place of honor above your fireplace. Her prints sell very reasonably from her Etsy shop (for about $17), and occasionally you can even catch one of her original watercolor prints for $50!

Do you earn a living as an artist, or do you have a “day job”?

Yes and No- I do have a "day" job- but it is gradually phasing out as I sell more! :)I'm a paralegal- but it just so happens my boss will be retiring- perfect timing- I paint in almost all of my free time! Etsy has been an enormous life changer for me!

Victoria, Tea Time (print)

When did you first start painting? Did you take classes?

As a child- I've always loved drawing and painting but have only recently fallen in love with watercolor. I have a BA in liberal arts, did not go to art school, but have always created. I'm very self-motivated and do much better teaching myself everything I need to know.

Mall Hair (print)

What inspires you?

Animals! creatures, the trees, woods, forest, water, animals.I love thinking about animals as having complete lives. They do housework, they have thoughts, emotions, relationships, they get into fights with each other. :)

Pink Grapefruit (cards)

Do you have a favorite subject to paint?

I definately have a favorite subject to paint: bunnies, rabbits. They are a lot of fun to paint, but in general, animals are my favorite subjects. Most animals are fun to paint for me!

Happy Piglet in the Sun (print)

I’m picturing you with a twinkle in your eye as you paint. What are you thinking about when you’re painting?

When I paint these little creatures, I am thinking about the life of the animal- what trouble are they thinking about getting into? Why are they giving me such a funny look? Why do they look sad, or serious? :)I laugh at them too. A lot of them make me laugh right out loud because as they come to life, they look back at me... I imagine all sorts of funny thought in their little painted heads.

Juliet, Morning (print)

Where can people view and purchase your work?

People can view and purchase my work at my Etsy shop (amberalexander.etsy.com). At this point, that's the only place. I'm always adding new things and love it! Thanks!!

Courtney's note: if anyone followed the previous link I had for Amber's etsy shop, it was wrong, and I sincerely apologize! Yikes! it's correct now though!

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  1. Amber's art is beautiful. I love, love, love your blog. All these fabulous links. I have been thinking about trying to do something similar myself in terms of highlighting all my favourite finds on a regular basis and you have given me lots and lots of inspiration. Now I just need lots and lots of extra time.

    I am really interested in your profession - Interior Redesign. I have never heard of this before. I would love to talk to you more about it if you have time. How you get into it. What you do exactly. My e-mail is cathkirwan(at)optusnet(dot)com(dot)au


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