Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Dining Room Makeover - Part 2

Help! I need your opinion on something. (Yes, yours!) Remember my post from February about affordable candle chandeliers under $50? Well, I still haven't purchased one, and I thought I'd ask you to weigh in on which one you think would go best with my newly-redesigned dining room. (Before you get too excited - no I haven't repainted yet - but I'm hoping the blessed event will take place this weekend.) Anyway, to refresh your memory, here's my dining room before:

Here's my hope chest, which I plan to paint creamy white and use as a window seat (will have a cushion made for thinking light gray silk w/ Amy Butler Lotus fabric in sky...the fabric on my chair below):

My newly re-painted and reupholstered dining chairs look like this...

I'm planning to paint the room the most pale, tranquil light blue/aqua, leaving the trim the pale cream it is now. I looked for a sample online but I can't quite find the right shade - so hopefully I can paint the room this weekend and just show you after I'm done.

So here's where you come in. I think I've narrowed down the chandelier search to one of the following three options:
1) I love how modern this blue one is, and I think it's also the biggest in diameter, which is good...but am concerned it might be too much blue.
2) Then, I love the smoky-glass look of this chandelier. Since I am really into all things silver at the moment - and the color grey - I think this would work well in the room. But it's the smallest in diameter at about 14 1/2 inches wide.
3) And this last one appears to have almost nothing in common with the first two - but hear me out for a minute. I would definitely paint this as I don't have a lot of black in the room (except my black piano, but I'd rather pick up on that in other ways). I'm thinking white, but am open to another funky color. Then, I would probably add some crystals to it just to glam it up a bit for my more vintage modern interior. (It's the cheapest option but requires the most additional work - not to mention by the time I purchased crystals and paint, it probably wouldn't be the cheapest anymore.)

So, should I go with...

#1. Blue crystals chandelier

#2. Smoky glass crystals chandelier

#3. Primitive wrought-iron chandelier repainted/redesigned

What do you think?


  1. decorativeinstinctsApril 2, 2008 at 9:53 AM

    I like the smoky glass one. I think it's the one that adds a subtle and sexy glamour to the room. It's going to be gorgeous lit with candles and reflected in that awesome mirror! The blue one is pretty but locks you in to a color you may grow tired of. The wrought iron one sprayed white or another color may work but feels "cottage" to me. Keep us posted!

  2. Hey Courtney! I'm definitely leaning toward #2. As much as I love blue, I think once you paint the walls, #1 is going to be lost and #3 just doesn't do anything for me. I love #2. I have a really poor sense of measurement, but I was thinking, if you're afraid it's too small in diameter, would it be possible to hang two of them over the table? That would be extra glam, for sure... Can't wait to see how it all turns out! Are you going to leave the table the same color?



  3. for me, it was love at first sight with #2... but Im fond of #3, too. *sigh* I have to vote for #2, because it was my first instinct.

  4. I followed you over here from Hooked on Houses. Great blog! LOVE that mirror in your dining room!

  5. Keeping in mind, I'm a client of yours because I have NO taste of my own (ha ha), I love #1. The blue paint you've described sounds so light that I don't think the blue chandelier will be too much blue. And really, isn't blue the new black?? :-)

  6. thank you all so much for your input! I was out all morning at a client's so it was really fun to come back and see all your responses! thanks for stopping by and there definitely seems to be a majority ruling so far (sorry Char!). But I'm still curious to see what others have to say...thank you all!!!

  7. PS - Shauntelle, great minds think alike...I totally had the same idea of possibly purchasing two, if one's just not big enough. I think I'll start with one and then add a second if it's not big enough (and try not to think about having to pay twice for shipping - ack!)

  8. I like the silver one too but I'm completely in love with white chandeliers at the moment and think it would pop against a blue wall... so, hmm, I'm no help at all really!

  9. I'm voting for number 2! I think that will be stunning, especially when you paint the window seat white as well :-)

  10. Now I want to vote for the chandelier! lol I have a 'thing' for #3. I'm all about the black wrought iron 'primitive' thing so I can't help but go with that one. I searched and searched for a plain black chandelier (not candle) for my dining room for foreva! I found one but now I need shades!

  11. Courtney, I have an award for you on my blog if youw ant to stop by and pick it up!

  12. I vote for the smokey one and add some beautiful colored tapers :) Then any time you want to change it out, you can change out the color :)

    P.S. I'm addicted to Chandeliers right now!! I just recently designed a chandelier invitation / menu set with Swarovski rhinestones ;)

  13. Love number 2! (but the blue is fabulous!)

    kari & kijsa

  14. I actually like the blue, but I'm not sure I like the color of the chandelier itself. My vote would be #2, but I might add some red crystals to make it stand out a little more and tie in with the other red accents(?) There is a lot of pale colors and it would pop out more if it had a little contrasting color. All beautiful choices! I know whatever you do will be fabulous! The room looks great!

  15. I think the arms on the first two are too elaborately shaped. I like the third one best and I think it would look awesome in silver!

    I am enjoying your "before and after" projects so much! You have my dream job!

  16. hello, I would like to know where did you purchase that chandelier from, the smoke color? I have purchased 27 of them for a project and can not find them anywhere and I need about ten more so can you please tell me where can I get more??


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