Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Wall Graphics

Happy Friday everyone. I have one very sick baby at home today, so this will be a shorter post than usual! (I've got few moments to myself between the coughing and crying and being thrown up on, so I've gotta make it quick.) Today I thought I would highlight some of my favorite Etsy artists that produce wall decals. Wall decals have really grown in popularity over the last several years as an alternative to the big commitment and large-scale patterns of wall paper, and a far more affordable and attainable option than hand-painted wall murals. I highly recommend that you follow the links and browse the shops of each of these artists. I only have time to post a few examples of their work, but take my word for it - the designs are varied in style and quite affordable. I wish I could be more wordy about each one but the pics and links will have to do:

1. Lewa's Designs - examples below...

2. MichelleChristina - examples below...

3. Elephannie's - pics below...

It was SO hard for me to choose which example photos to highlight here, because I love everything these three artists produce. As you can see, wall decals are no longer just for kids' rooms (although they're still a great option for children's rooms too). For those of us who are a little commitment-phobic when it comes to design, these are a great option. And for those of us who can't afford to hire a muralist it's fabulous too. Once again, I recommend you browse through these shops - there's something for everyone and every style. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow! Thanks for doing all the leg work (finger work, as the case may be??)! I love th se and plan to look more on Etsy.

    Hope your baby is better soon!

  2. thank you!

    ...and the baby's already improving a little though still quite a sickie.

  3. Wall decals are so much fun. I'm one of those commitment-phobes who has a hard time with the permanency of wallpaper, so I can get excited about these.

    Glad the baby's getting better. It's so hard when the little ones are sick. Hang in there! -Julia

  4. I LOVE these decals...especially the chandelier ones!! You have the most amazing site...I'm off to add yours to my list of design links! I seriously need to start at the beginning and read them all!

    Hope your little baby is feeling better soon. I wish a good night's sleep for you all!


  5. These are all wonderful! I love what you can do with a room using these. My favorite are the Sunflowers one. What a wall splash!

    I hope the little one is feeling better! Take care :-)

  6. I love these! I'm going to be decorating our bedroom soon, or at least attempting it, and I'm thinking I like the birds on the tree branch. So cute! And great for apartment dwellers such as myself! Hey, I was reading the new edition of Better Homes & Gardens and I saw something in an article that reminded me of you. It said "Feather your nest without breaking your nest egg." Did you see that??

    I hope baby is better....

  7. They are absolutely beautiful. I had no idea such things were possible, though I've seen a few in the past. None come close to this. I shall go shopping now. Thank you for showing me where.

  8. thanks you guys! I know, aren't these fabulous? And they represent so many other cool designs out there too. Thanks for all your well-wishes about the baby! She's finally on the mend...alas, my older daughter and myself now have what she had. :-( So it's a regular germ-fest around here!


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