Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Oh So Feminine

As I put together my finds for this Friday, I didn't really have a theme in mind. But as I started to copy and paste my favorites, I realized they are all quite feminine, with just a touch of quirkiness. (Hey, that could describe me! And my daughters too, bless them!) Anyway, either I'm feeling particularly frilly and romantic, or it's just a fluke. :-) Either way, here are some gorgeous designs from some very talented and whimsical artists. There's also a definite vintage flair to many of this week's finds (vintage gets me every time). Be sure to check out the other works by each of these artists as well!

"Fawn-tastic" - mixed media collage print

"Forget-me-not II" vintage paper original collage

Aren't these collages just scrumptious? They are so fantastical (is that a word?...well, it is now) and are a veritable feast for the eyes. Dollface Design sells these wonderful prints - and original collages - for very reasonable prices, too. You know I love that.

Normally I'm not much of a shadowbox person, but I find this sweet one by One Punk Posy to be very refreshing. It's a mix of both vintage and modern materials (just like my house!). And actually, it's just one of many shadowboxes and other artwork - including some pretty spectacular stationery - that are definitely worth browsing in their shop.

Set of 3 felt roses

Why felt roses, you ask? Why not, I answer back? It's a new take on an old favorite - romantic and quirky at the same time. I prefer them in white, but NestaHome makes them in many other colors too. You can also find beautiful artwork and other accessories for the home in this shop.

"Purple Flower" fine art print

"Shopping Cart" fine art print

"Three Times a Lady" fine art print

If you had told me a few months (weeks?) ago that I would be featuring a photo of a shopping cart - and would include it in a "feminine" post - I would probably not have believed you. But look at the colors! Somehow artist Jennifer Squires managed to make a photo of what would otherwise be quite commonplace, into something of beauty. I also love this modern purple flower print. Notice I've included white roses again? I really do adore roses, but I especially like this clean, uncluttered representation that would fit in either a modern or romantic setting. (Jennifer was kind enough to email me a link to her Etsy shop, and I'm glad she did, because I truly liked what I saw!)

"The birds are taking over my village" pillow

"50's Birdcage" pillow

These pillows by Olive are just sooo cute. Each one is unique and has such a fun, imaginative (and of course, vintage) flavor to it. You have to browse her whole shop because there are so many cute little designs.

"Spring Moss" vintage necklace

One word for this necklace - delicious. It's an actual vintage piece from le petit poulailler. I'm not sure my neck is quite regal enough for this - but if yours is - you need to buy it! It's so gorgeous and over-the-top without being tacky. This whole shop is like browsing a really good estate sale...definitely worth the time. They've already well-edited the finds for you so you're sure to find a treasure.

Now that you've feasted on a little eye-candy, you're sure to have a good weekend. I'm sort of planning to have some more before-and-after goodness for you on Monday...either my finished (by then) dining room or some pics from a recent redesign. Either way, have a fabulous weekend and I'll see you then! Thanks for reading, friends!

PS - Don't forget to weigh in on my chandelier dilemma! I'm definitely leaning a certain direction (will leave you in suspense for now) but love hearing your opinions!


  1. Jennifer SquiresApril 4, 2008 at 9:32 AM

    Thank you so much for showing my photographs! I really enjoy your blog!


  2. you are so welcome! and thank you! loving that shopping cart photo :-)

  3. "fawn-tastic" is fantastic! i love it. you found lots of neat treats... great pillows... thanks for the tips!

    glad i found your blog! :)

  4. Loved all of these!! Those collages are fabulous!

    kari & kijsa

  5. Hey Courtney, Great collages!

    Hmmm, on your chandelier, I seem to be in the minority here but I really like that blue one. I think that the color of chandelier #2 will look pretty, but I would love to see both after you paint your walls to see which looks best.

    I'd say the #2 chandelier is the safe choice, the color won't be an issue. However, it is probably too tiny to make a big impact, that would be my concern.

    The blue one might just be the punch of drama you need in such a pale room. But, I can't tell what the finish is on it, it might be too coppery for the silvery feel of the room.

    Oh, the options! I'm not much help am I? I think I'm on decision overload in life!

    Can't wait to see what you decide! I'm sure you'll pick something fabulous once you see your room painted!


  6. thank you so much for featuring my "fawn-tastic!" print and "bird queen" vintage paper collage, i truly appreciate it! ♥ your blog is lovely, i'll be back to check out more of your fantastic finds!

  7. I love those collages, and the "Three Times a Lady" print - I think I'm going to have to move the Nursery Fit For a Princess that Shauntelle and I are designing across the blogosphere to a bigger room, just to accommodate all the great artwork!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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