Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Princess Room Redesign

Okay, I can't help myself...I just have to show you the cutest little girl's room. It's actually a work in progress - in addition to doing some redesign, I consulted on new paint colors for the room, which the client still intends to paint. But I couldn't wait for the final "after" photos because what she's already got is just too cute.

This client has such gorgeous taste and beautiful things. I came in and worked with arranging furniture in a way that would better showcase the beautiful bed and custom bedding (sewn by the client herself, I might add!). I also recommended painting the entire room - ceiling too, due to all the angles - a very, very pale pink (roughly the same color as the bedskirt)...with the exception of the short little wall that is now behind the bed's headboard...which I recommended a deep raspberry pink. Yikes! She's still trying to decide if she wants to make that leap...but in the meantime...even a light pink will help the somewhat neutral-colored furnishings really stand out more.

Before...the bed isn't really shown off as well as it could be, and blocks access to part of the room... the bed is the star of the show! Wait till that little wall is raspberry pink (wink)!

Before...a sweet little vignette upon entering the room...After...the space is put to work as super-cute storage...and now the chair is next to all the little books (perfect for a reading nook)...

before...cute, but the shelf is too high on the wall to see it very well... After...(this is already different, but I included the picture anyway: the client has purchased a mirror like we discussed, and turned this into a vanity space, along with a collage of all the white-framed pictures on the wall)...
A sweet vignette of the little girl's shoes from when she was a baby...

This client clearly already has loads of talent when it comes to decorating, and it was an honor to be in her home to "play". (Which is what this job feels like to me! What a good feeling!)


  1. It's the little girls room I always wanted! BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Sooo beautiful! I love the mix of floral patterns, and dress is just tooo sweet! :-)

  3. It's a gorgeous room; you and the mama have done a great job on it!

    I'm going to be a really obnoxious amateur, though, and tell you that I would paint that room pale green instead of pink. But that's only because I *hate* to paint and, having been down this road before, I know that little girls who loooovvee pink SUDDENLY loooooovvvveeee purple instead. And then horses. And I wish someone had told me years ago to paint the kiddo's room green because it would go with all of those phases. :)

  4. Really good job !

  5. This room is so sweet and pretty! I just love it. Can't wait to see it painted and everything, too! -Julia :-)


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