Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Home - it's in the details

When thinking about yesterday's redesign, I realized there were several little details we incorporated that translate well into just about any interior. I thought I'd share them with you in the hopes that it might inspire you just the tiniest bit to look at your home and see where you can add a special detail or two. The best part is, these ideas cost little (or no) money, but can really help make your living spaces more personal and comfortable.

(Note: Be careful when you add details, though - if you've already got a lot of "personality" - a.k.a. stuff - in your space, sometimes it's better to edit than add. This gives what is left a little more punch, when it doesn't have to fight for your visual attention.)

Definitely include personal touches like family snapshots. But, equally important - pay attention to the frames. I chose these snapshots for this end table because the frames were complimentary to our color scheme. It's a great opportunity to add splashes of color and personality while also showing off your fam.

The client had already done a fabulous job of selecting and editing family photographs to include in the room, then framing them in black and white. This brought a very cohesive feel to each arrangement. These are photos of two generations of the family's sportsmen that we hung in the stairway.

One of my favorite ways to add casual warmth to a space is by including a large basket with extra pillows and blankets. It really gives the impression that you are welcome to cuddle up on the sofa or floor and get comfy.

Lacking a centerpiece? A bowl of fresh fruit will always do it for me. For a more unusual look - but equally beautiful - try fresh veggies. A collection of peppers can infuse real life into a space visually (not just by taste!). Look around for non-traditional ways to display them - a bowl is great, but why not try a basket, tray, or cake plate?

This is a wall of family photos which the client chose to print all in black and white. This helped bring a sense of unity to a variety of different subject matters. We tried not to make this arrangement too perfect, because we wanted the client to be able to add to it over time. Leave yourself room to grow - don't fill up every conceivable wall space in your home if you can at all help it.

The client was lucky enough to have a wet bar in the basement. It's in working order but doesn't get much use. Placing a tray with pitcher and glasses encourages using the wet bar for the purpose it was intended for. It reminds you that this will be a great party room!

And last, but not least, include personal art. In this case, the client's seven-year-old nephew had drawn this picture including the client's favorite college team - which happened to be the decorating theme of the room. Nothing brings more personality to the space than original artwork - especially when created by you or someone you know.

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