Sunday, June 29, 2008

Creative Concealment

My friend Melissa at The Inspired Room (well, I think she's everyone's friend, really!) shared a fabulous concept the other day. She invited us to show some of the ways we practice "Creative Concealment" around our houses. In other words, how do you hide the "dirty laundry" or the "skeleton in the closet" when you can't afford permanent (and expensive) solutions? We all do this - look around your house and find some of the ways you've hidden big things like ugly architectural details or small things like power cords.

I realized I had several examples of creative concealment around my house...after all, this is what I'm all about! Trying to make things beautiful using the least amount of money possible.

Creative Concealment (or "CC") #1: Here's where we do our recharging of cell phones and camera batteries.'d never know it, because I bought this simple lidded basket (I think it was all of $6.99 at Home Goods several months ago) to hide everything. I also stash some stamps here, too, for last-minute letters being taken to the mailbox.

CC #2: When we bought our house (built in 1927), it already had this closet addition. But NO closet doors. The whole addition is a little awkward, because there's not really room for it. But, not having money for purchasing closet doors...and of course, not wanting the whole world (or even just us) to have to stare at the mess all the time, I put up one long curtain rod running the whole length of the wall (from Ikea, I think).
Then, I used drapery fabric I purchased at a garage sale for $1...I used iron-on hem tape (I DON'T sew) and drapery clips. Voila! Creative (and cheap) concealment.

CC #3: I'm not completely satisfied with this one yet, but you get the picture. An UGLY air-conditioning unit that we simply must have...but it's right smack in the middle of my lovely living room window wall! So, I selected a plant stand that's open on the bottom (since it stands over a heater vent) and placed a plant on top. It doesn't completely block the AC (it really shouldn't, I suppose, in order for it to actually function...darn that function!) but it does take a little attention off it, I think. (If you don't agree, please don't tell me...let me continue to live in ignorance! It is bliss, after all.)

There you go...thanks for stopping by today. And if you're visiting for the first time from the Inpired Room, you may want to check out some before-and-after goodness by browsing through a few of my interior redesigns. Be sure to check out Melissa's master list of blogs who are participating with Creative Concealment posts. You're sure to get a host of really valuable ideas...and who knows...perhaps someone else has already solved a dilemma that you're facing right now!


  1. Okay so I love the idea of the basket for the cell phone charger- I'm so going to do that- Thanks for sharing- Love it

  2. Great ideas, Courtney! Isn't this the fun part about doing what we do, looking at everyone's house and finding a creative concealment for unattractive things they have long gotten used to seeing? So much fun.

    I'm looking around my office right now and thinking I need to do a little concealing as we speak. I have cords and junk all over. I had great aspirations of concealing and taking photos to document but it just was TOO HOT up here this weekend!

    Hope you have a/c!

    Happy concealing and thanks so much for sharing these with us!!!


  3. I like your closet addition; it looks like you've got some great storage there!

    We've done a few little things to conceal stuff around our small house. Lately I've been stocking up on some pantry staples to have a bit of cushion in the budget as prices go higher. My daughter found some very pretty and sturdy fabric-lined baskets at TJMaxx; we put them on top of several tall pieces of furniture and stashed bags of flour, etc. inside them.

  4. Very neat - great ways to cover up!

  5. These are great ideas! And I really like how you did that curtain since I don't sew either!

  6. Lol, I think I have that same air conditioning unit! And it is an eyesore. Good disguise!

  7. You did a great job with your CC!! Glad to know it has a name..heehee...

  8. I forgot today was Melissa's Creative Concealment party. I enjoyed seeing yours. What a pretty way to hide your cell phones and stamps! Your closet looks great, too. And I like how you used the space to hang your jewelry. -Julia

  9. Love your concealements! Totally brilliant as always!!!! :)Love the curtains for the closet, I might have to do that myself... Jen R

  10. love it, what a wonderfully creative idea!! I am realy enjoying visiting these links from MrLinky re The Inspired Room

  11. Great ideas! I especially like your closet. I struggle with what to do about the air conditioners too. Your plant is a good start. :)

  12. This is my first time to your blog. I found you through the "concealment" prompt through the blog "My Romantic Home". Crazy how we happen upon stuff in the blog world. Anyway, I sooo love your curtain idea over your closet. Our "Rusty Cottage" that we are remodeling has two closets side by side with sliding doors which I think are hideous and have been looking for a cute and practical idea to replace the doors. Thank you so much...I am definitely going to do this! God bless you!!!
    Anna @ Rusty Cottage

  13. I suspect you could paint much of that AC unit - maybe in the trim color? Or even the color of your walls with some white trim?

  14. I really like how you concealed the whole closet wall. It seems to make the space feel larger than if you had hung 2 curtains over the 2 closets.

    I'm looking forward to looking through your blog. I love great decorating ideas and inspiration.

    Glad you stopped by my little home on the web. Hope you'll visit often! :)


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