Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NEW Giveaway Winner!!!

set of 12 custom notecards designed by Nesting Instincts

Well, I tried and tried to get in contact with "becky up the hill". She was randomly selected as my giveaway winner, but after giving her about three weeks to get in touch with me, I'm forced to select another winner. I just want to give a gift, here, people - is that so wrong (said in a loud, melodramatic whine)??

So, I randomly selected another name from amongst those who left comments on this post within the required time frame, and voila! The new winner is: Alesha, who said:

"Just a few ideas:"Paper, Quill & Ink""Quill to Paper""Paper Aviary""Paper Nest""Inking Nest""Paper Quillery":-)Alesha"

So, Alesha, I've left a comment on your blog (which appears to be brand new). Please email me to claim your prize!

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  1. WHat cuties! Hey that looks like my house with the laundry!! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself..! Jen R


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