Monday, June 9, 2008

And the winner is...

personalized notecards from Nesting Instincts

My husband just assisted me with the random drawing to select my giveaway winner! And the winner is: becky up the hill! Her comment was: "Hi, my best is # 1. Thanks for your wonderful contest!1. Nest Paperie"
Congratulations, becky up the hill! You win a set of 12 custom notecards, personalized in the color and with the wording of your choice. You need to send me your address as soon as possible and contact me with your color and personalization preferences. (I would email you, but your Blogger profile is not open for me to view.)

Thank you so much, friends, for all of your wonderful comments! Not only did you encourage me greatly, but there was definitely a crowd favorite for a name for my new stationery line - more of you loved Ink & Feathers than any other name! I had honestly been leaning towards Nest Paperie, which many of you loved too, but Ink & Feathers was the clear crowd favorite, once I added up the numbers. So I think I'm gonna run with it. Ink & Feathers it is!
I do have an honorable mention, however. Many of you came up with additional ideas for names - thank you - and my favorite suggested name was "Nest Ink" from Julia. It's a great play on words and it was very tempting to throw the other names out the window and make you all vote on this one again. So, Julia, I'm sending you a little gift too, to say thanks for your creativity!

Thanks again for participating in my little giveaway, everyone! This was fun!


  1. Oh! I'm so excited about my honorable mention! Aren't you nice?? What a fun way to start my day. I didn't win the HGTV Green Home, but at least I'm a winner over here at Nesting Instincts! -Julia :-)

  2. Oh I'm so glad you liked Julia's suggestion for Nest Ink! That was a good one!

  3. What a fun contest! ":-) Hope you're doing well!


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