Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Finds - "eye candy" from newcomers

This week's Etsy finds are just pure eye candy - at least they are for me. I hope you agree! These are photographers, painters, and graphic designers who are all exceptional and appear to have completely mastered their craft, in my humble opinion. I've selected artists this week who have impressive collections...and are brand-new to Etsy. Help me give them a warm welcome!

Perennial Moment print

Capricious (raspberry) print

reaching up print

wild haired brothers print

Man, I love every single one of these prints from PaperMoth Illustrations. I am really into pastels right now, and I love the simple, modern romance of these. PaperMoth is a new shop from established Etsy artist davidvmoore.

Flower in Key of C



Etsy newcomer KACompson takes photos that are so appealing to me. These are just a small sampling of her work...she's based in the south of England but has a variety photos taken in several different European countries. And people - she has yet to make a sale! Could somebody please welcome her to Etsy and purchase one of her lovely prints? (For an extra $15 she'll frame and matte the photo for can't beat that!)

moored boats print

These are not photographs. Seriously. These are watercolor paintings by the extremely talented Etsy seller GreenRiver. Can you believe how realistic these paintings are? Amazing. This is another artist that is so new on Etsy they haven't even made a sale yet. Somebody, please...these are gorgeous. (Oh, to be independently wealthy and be able to afford every single one of my fabulous finds!)

If you like these fab finds from Etsy, read up on past fabulous finds here.

It's a short list today, but rich in visual fabulousness. (I think that's my favorite fake word.) But before I leave you for the weekend, I've got a few housekeeping details. (ugh...who likes housekeeping? let's just say "details" and leave it at that!)
** many thanks again to design*sponge...see my post from yesterday for details
** "becky up the hill" - you were my giveaway winner - but I have no contact info for you and haven't heard from you. If I don't hear from you by Tuesday, June 17 I'll have to choose a new winner. Please email me at courtney [at]
Phew! Housekeeping complete! (If only it were always that quick and easy!) Have a wonderful weekend, friends! I'll be back next week with more entertaining stuff...including a very fun interview with the extremely cool and amazingly artistic Jessica of vol25, who is my pick for artist of the month for June.


  1. These are beautiful! Thank you for showing! I really loove picture number two. Gorgeous!

  2. Wow...these are really great finds...I love them all!

  3. As always, your FFF's could get me in big trouble with my credit card. Those prints from PaperMoth are beautiful! I think I may pick up one or two.

    And I can't believe that those are paintings from GreenRiver! I would have sworn they were photos.

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