Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday's Fab Finds - Inspired by Java

This week's colorful collection of Fabulous Finds is inspired by two things: one, I'm planning to redecorate my kitchen this summer (fingers crossed!) with new paint and a new color scheme. Two, I'm working on a redesign of my church's little espresso/cafe area. So, needless to say, my mind is busy dreaming up just how I'd like to accessorize these spaces. I started browsing for artwork with a "coffee" theme and was pleasantly surprised! Not only did I find some really fun prints, I discovered five charming shops that I really fell in love with. This week I particularly encourage you to not only enjoy viewing these prints, but browsing their artists' shops.

morning coffee print by Studio Lyon (buy one print, get one 50% off)

double shot vintage advert print by dripstick artwork

fresh coffee vintage advert print by dripstick artwork

coffee with my owl print by monkeypowered

I have to confess that it's late...I need to head off to bed...and so have not blessed (cursed?) you with my customary wordiness about each piece of work. Hopefully each of these really fabulous prints will speak volumes for themselves! I will leave you with some weekend reading, though, if you've got some free time...


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  1. These are fun finds! Love the colors on the last one. Hope you have a great weekend, Courtney! -Julia :-)

  2. Thanks so much for featuring me!

    Everyone's coffee themed art work is wonderful.

  3. you're welcome Niki! Have a great weekend Julia!

  4. Great java artwork!!

    kari & kijsa

  5. You blog is da bomb!
    I linked to you from Kim's @ Creative Blogs.

    Totally bookmarking your blog, so I can drool, I mean read, while at work & home!

    Keep up the stylin chica!!!

  6. Hi, I found your wonderful blog today via Today's Creative Blog. I want to sign up for your e-zine but I live in Costa Rica and although it lets me enter that as my country it requires me to enter a US State or CA Province which does not apply to me. Help! My e-mail address is Please let me know how I can sign up!

    Thanks so much!
    Kate in Costa Rica

  7. found through kim's blog at TCB. you are very talented. love your ideas!

  8. I dont know how I found you. We,my dear, have lots in common. I have my own business with my mom called Sassy style
    Interior redesign
    We do what you do. Just a little more extensive. We go into a home, access the space and their style (thanks for the ten tips to help discover your style) look in their house for items to use in the space and then we go shoppping! Most of our clients are overwhelmed when it comes to decoarting, so we shop, they don't want too. Sometimes they want to go with us-not very often though. Then we go back with the treasures, and get to work! We love thrifty finds and I too heart spray paint. you have done some really great stuff. I have not posted a lot of pics of our work-basically because I am lazy. You ahve inspired me, I will get to work!
    Anyway-Love the blog and all the ideas, I will be back and see what else you have come up with!! Please stop by and say hi-love to meet and make new friends! you sister friend!

  9. Diana, Kari & Kijsa - thanks for coming by again you guys. Meghan, Kate, Aimee & Tausha - lovely to meet you! Come again!

  10. thanks for stopping by my blog! your work is amazing!

  11. Hi. Thanks for featuring my work!

    What a great blog you have... and a vocal audience.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Courtney,

    I have been out of town and away from my computer for a couple of weeks. I can't wait to hear more about your redecorating plans for your kitchen! I always enjoy hearing about others home decor projects.

    Thanks so much for listing Off The Wall as one of your blogs you like! I always enjoy coming here as well! Let me know if you need any help with ideas for you kitchen;)


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