Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday's Fab Finds...Cuteness for Little Boys

very scary lion by wildthingsofnoosa
So...Father's Day is coming up...and I don't have a list of gift ideas for Fathers today. (That would make sense if I did, wouldn't it?) But this fun collection does have something to do with dads...or parenthood, anyway. My sister-in-law and two of my best friends are all expecting baby boys this summer, so in honor of them, I thought I'd dive into the world of cute stuff for baby boys on Etsy. (I wish I could buy every single one of these things for my nephew on the way! It's the thought that counts, right, Tarah? Ah, to be independently wealthy.) Also, today's my sweet husband's birthday...and he was a baby boy I guess this in honor of him too! Here are some of my favorite things:

funky penguin

tropical panda

It's killin' me...these are so cute...I want one just for me! (And I'm not usually a stuffed-animal sorta girl.) Australian artist's shop wildthingsofnoosa is filled with handmade goodness for both girls and boys...plenty of cute little creatures and adorable apparel.

H is for Handsome print

S is for Sharp print

This is part of a vintage alphabet series. They've made me smile since I first set eyes on them. Wouldn't the little man's nursery be so very sharp and handsome with the addition of these prints? By Portland-based Etsy shop Swellkid.

Hi I'm new here onesie

Ha ha! This is funny. I like it. Sweet embroidered onesie by Etsy shop 4myangels.

woodgrain owl

Just look at that face! Just look at that wing, casually resting on that soft pillow. Look at those eyes! Is it just me, or can you actually hear this guy saying, "Please take me home"?! By talented Etsy artist iheartnorwegianwood.

G is for Giraffe block printed print

I actually featured this artist's cupcake in last week's Friday's Fab Finds post about cupcakes...but the other thing that immediately caught my eye in her shop was her alphabet series (by sheridesthelion) and I just had to post them as part of today's collection. They are so graphic and yet sort of retro looking, they would be perfect for any little man's stylin' pad.

Punk rock red baby onesie gift set

Punk rock white baby onesie gift set

Rock on! I saw the white one, but then I saw the red one...if I had a baby boy he would so be in that red outfit ASAP! The perfect gift for a baby boy...especially if his mom or dad was an aspiring rock star... or even just a wannabe. :-) By cool Etsy shop lowleepop.

That's it for today, folks. Thanks for sticking with me while I took a blogging break for a couple of days! It was just the right amount of breathing space to get caught up on a few things. I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and don't forget to enter my giveaway before midnight on Saturday, June 7. I'll be back Monday to announce the winner!

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  1. What cute things! I love that little woodgrain owl!

  2. Thanks so much for posting about my owl! I love the panda so much, and I'm thinking that rocker onesie would be great for some friends of our that my BF used to play in a band with!

  3. I'm totally bookmarking your post for baby gift shopping!

  4. My daughter would love these! I'm partial to the owl myself. I wonder if my husband would go for that for Father's Day? ;-) (Seriously. I have no ideas this year for any of the dads in my life. I need to get on the ball here!) -Julia

  5. Thanks for posting my Etsy Shop. I really like the HANDSOME poster, very cute boys!

  6. wonderful finds!~
    especially love the giraffe print.
    lovely blog, by the way....

  7. THat panda is too cute...and the owl- love!!!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

    kari & kijsa

  8. I am so glad I found your blog from your post on my blog for the jewelry giveaway! I love your blog - so darling...I had a giggle over that "Hi I'm new here" baby outfit...just precious! Have a lovely weekend. ~ xoxo Joy

  9. Great collection of ideas for gifts. I love the old ads and the 'im new here' onsie! thanks for the tips!


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