Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the thrill of the hunt...

I thought I'd share more fun garage sale finds, this time from last weekend. I went to just a few sales with my parents and found lots of treasures. My husband made the mistake of allowing me to take all the cash in his wallet - $40, people - and I can proudly say I came home with $15 left. Unheard of! (Would have had $20 left but had to loan my dad $5.) You can tell it atually wasn't a GREAT garage sale day or all that money would've been gone. Anyway...enough little details...let's get to the fun stuff:

fun mid-century vase...my color, too...for $1

a little footed bowl - blue Carnival glass, which I've always loved and now can start collecting (provided they are all only $2, like this was!) :-)

four cute little dessert dishes ($2 total), and two matching cake plates in the background (which my mom thinks are Princess glass...I wouldn't know...just think they're pretty) for $6 total

This sweet bowl and pitcher for $3

This Longaberger pie plate for ONE DOLLAR

These small Fire King baking dishes for $1 each

Plus a silk tree for a client for only $4...a small handtruck for $5...man I had a good time. :-)


  1. HOLY MOLY. You got some awesome deals! I love the cake plates and carnival glass. Wow!

  2. Those are some faboo finds! Nice job!

    There is antique store near me that has a set of carnival glass goblets in that same color. They are asking $50 for the set.

    Yeah you!

  3. I went to a friend's Longaberger party back in the mid-90s and, since I'm really not much of a pay-$100-for-a-basket kind of girl, I went for that blue and white pie plate instead. I'm sure I paid way more than $1 for it, too! It still comes in handy all these years later.

    That mid-century vase is so fun. Love that. Clearly, I need to go garage saling with you because I never find anything remotely worth posting on my blog about. -Julia :-)

  4. The bowl and pitcher are to die for...I love garage sales!

  5. WOW! I think you and I should house swap for a long weekend -- you did much better than me at the east coast flea :-)


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