Tuesday, June 24, 2008

5 things about me

This week I'm volunteering at our church's Vacation Bible School every day, so don't have quite the usual time (but mostly, not the usual energy) for creative blogging...so I figured it was a good time to play "catch-up". In addition to announcing my new giveaway winner (see the post below) I thought I'd respond to lovely Laura, of the Shorehouse Chic blog, who "tagged" me recently. So if you don't care about these personal details, skip this post and check out my interior redesigns. :-)

Where were you ten years ago?

Ten years ago I was single and working at a credit union, saving all my pennies to take off in a few months for a Discipleship Training School in England, then a time of service in Central Asia, with Youth With a Mission. Man, that feels like a long time ago! Funny how seven years of marriage and two kids can change a person, you know?

Holmsted Manor - I spent 3 1/2 months here ten years ago

What are five items on your to-do list today?

1. Catch up on invoicing...ugh. People owe me money, but I SO dislike paperwork.

2. Finish Julia's gift and mail it. Ahem, I mean...um...Julia...it's on its way...(sorry, I've been a bit busy, but haven't forgotten your major award!)

3. Fold the clean laundry that is currently piled on every conceivable seat in the living room.

4. Water my flowers. Apparently they like that. Especially in summer.

5. Kiss my girls. Even when they're not being "kissable". (Since I'm the queen of being "not kissable" at times, I figure it's only fair.)

Note 1) the girls...being kissable here...and 2) the laundry in the background. Two things on my to-do list managed to make it into one photo! Amazing. First time there's ever been clean laundry on the floor though. Really. Well, maybe the second. Or so.

What snacks do you enjoy?

1. Healthy Pop Kettle Corn, with a Diet Caffeine-Free Coke. This sounds really healthy until I confess I eat. the. entire. bag. myself.

2. Apples w/ peanut butter. Yum. Even better w/ M&Ms sprinkled on top (hee hee)

3. And, my ultimate Achilles heel: baked goods. What kind, you ask? Any kind. Muffins. Cookies. Cakes. Breads. Surprisingly (or not) when I limit my starch intake I LOSE WEIGHT. Can't imagine why.

What would you do if you were a billionaire?

one of my master bedroom makeovers

Oh, where do I begin. I think I'd immediately establish a charitable foundation that controlled the money...with a board of directors made up of people with integrity...so that I wouldn't go crazy with the money and it (hopefully) wouldn't change me for the worse. Know what that foundation would do? Decorate for low-income families, for one thing. Sorta like Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition (only probably without the "Extreme" part).

But, I'd also build a new deck on the back of the house. My husband fell through it the other day. That's just not okay with me.

What top three places would you live?

1. Southern California (love the sun)

2. Anywhere in the UK (hmmm...no sun, but I still adore it)

3. Portland (hey, I already live there! Woohoo!)

Well, thanks for reading (if you did!). Tomorrow we'll return to our regularly scheduled blogging. :-)


  1. How interesting that you were with YWAM in England. We stayed at the center in Harpenden for a week in 2001. My dad was doing some training for them and we tagged along. (Free lodging! Woo-hoo!) We stayed in a big, rambling old house/dorm pretty much on our own, and it was great. We'd take the train to London every day to explore the city.

    That Holmstead Manor is beautiful! Maybe I can see if my dad can get invited to do some training there next!

    What a cute picture of your girls. I'm looking forward to my Major Award, but go ahead and kiss them, fold your laundry, water your flowers, and bill your clients first. I can wait. -Julia :-)

  2. Thanks for playing along!

    And...I would *love* to spend 3-1/2 months at Holmsted Manor. WHAT a house!! And your little girls are so adorable and have excellent posture. :-)

  3. That's such a cute pic! :-) I hope Chad's ok. Scary!

  4. nice to know more about you!

  5. Oh my goodness! We can snack together and re-decorate the world! I have never tried m&m's on my pb apples, but I can just imagine how yummy that would be!

    My dream billionaire decorating gig would be to re-furbish abandoned bank-owned homes. Make them simple, but beautiful and then make them available to families to rent or own or rent-to-own. I would even make sure the homes came with board games and classic good books for families to enjoy. Doesn't that sound lovely? Good for families, good for communities, even good for the banks!


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