Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stop and Smell the Roses

Come on, friend...I've poured you a glass of ice tea...here's a cookie...let's wander together in my rose garden, shall we? Let's take a few moments to...you guessed it...stop and smell the roses...but really...take a moment to savor the simple pleasures of summer, and God's gorgeous creation.

“The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.”

"Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again.”

"The only rose without a thorn is friendship.”

Quotation sources: thinkexist.com


  1. What beautiful roses! Are they all really yours? I just love them!

  2. That comment above was me. I was apparantly posting with my alter-ego. ;-)

  3. aha...I was wondering who "Kim" was...is she the nice Kimba or the not-so-nice Kimba? :-)

    Yes, the roses are all from my yard. A few years ago, a friend told us they didn't want all the rose bushes they had inherited with their new home. So, we transplanted SEVENTEEN rose bushes from their place to ours. Yikes! And yes, that's far more work than it sounds. :-) Next time, I'd recommend buying new ones. :-)

  4. You transplanted SEVENTEEN rose bushes??? No way. I cannot even imagine the amount of work that entailed.

    We had rosebushes lining our front walk at our old house. They had grown quite a bit since we left--nearly up to my shoulders--so we frequently had to cut them back to keep from attacking visitors walking past them. They were one thing I was really sad to leave behind.

    About a month after we sold it, we drove past the house again and saw they had bulldozed the entire bed of roses. They were all gone. They also ripped out all of our clematis and assorted other lovely plants that had created a cottage-garden effect in the yard. Heartbreaking. I wish I had known they didn't want them because I would've brought at least some of them with me! *sigh*

    Your roses are beautiful. It makes me wish I had mine back again! -Julia

  5. Oh my gosh, those are stunningly gorgeous! :)

  6. oh my, the are too gorgeous, I can only imagine the fragrance! oh to have beautiful roses like that in my garden...

  7. Thank you for sharing the pretty pictures. I love roses. My mom and dad grew them while I was gowing up so we had them all over. Your blog reminded me of that :)

  8. Oh, so nice relaxing with you... let's chat about desgn...;) Jen r

  9. Gorgeous roses! I so envy you your great gardening climate. :) Down here the roses don't hold up so well to the bugs and heat and humidity.


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