Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beach-Inspired Fabulous Finds Part I

I am never more inspired than when I am at the beach...or thinking about the beach...or even decorating as if I lived at the beach! Since I am at the beach right now (woohoo!) I thought I'd have a couple of days of Fabulous Finds that are inspired by the ocean. So, if you're at home or work...let's just pretend we're all on vacation in a fabulous beach house, shall we? And we have the difficult task of having to decorate said beach house...hmmm...a tough job...but someone's gotta do it. Guess I'll volunteer!

I really love all the different colors in this collage by Pink Bathtub Designs. It's a very fresh take on the whole idea of the beach, this one specifically represents California (I think...correct me if I'm wrong?). how cheerful it is.

You know I'm always a sucker for a pretty necklace...especially one that's a little chunky. I love all the aqua beads on this - they really do remind me of the ocean (though not so much the ocean here in Oregon...maybe a little more down south from here!). By JMGJewelry Design.

Ocean Waves Original Painting by Kerri King

I never get tired of seascapes, and this one by Kerri King is just lovely. I love the look of the simple, bold strokes she uses. You need to browse the rest of her shop because she does some really neat still lifes and other ocean scenes as well...and they are all original oil paintings with reasonable prices.

tealight bench from reclaimed barnwood

I like the rustic look of these....perfect for a beach house, or anywhere you'd like to bring some of the natural outdoorsy look inside. From Paradise Hill Designs.

Check back tomorrow for "Part II" of my fabulous beach-inspired finds...

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  1. That necklace is so beautiful. Have a great time!!


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