Tuesday, July 22, 2008

LAST baby shower post...REALLY...

Okay...I PROMISE this is the last post about baby showers for a while...yikes! people just keep having babies! It's a good thing, really, it is!

But I thought I'd finally show you the invite I created for this shower. You all were so gracious and complimentary about the orange/blue/brown shower...here's the final detail...or rather the first detail...a custom-created invite that was inspired by the bedding chosen for the baby boy on the way...

crib bedding from Fawn + Forest
okay, people, NO MORE SHOWERS all right? well, at least, not until September. :-) this girl's gotta take a break from the hip and happenin' shower scene. BABY shower scene, I mean (lest there be any confusion about what I just typed.)


  1. I love, love, LOVE the invites!

    Eagerly awaiting your etsy shop,
    - Laura ;-)

  2. Your friends must feel completely blessed for your shower genius. I love that invite. It goes with the bedding in such an amazing way. Good luck with the break from baby showers.

  3. I'm not the least bit tired of your shower ideas! In fact, I think you should add party planner extraordinaire to your job description...

    Keep the inspiration coming!!

  4. I found your blog a few months ago and am
    delurking to say I too have enjoyed your shower pics/ideas. Love your style! :)


  5. I wish I had had you around when I had mine...so creative and fun and dreamy! All of your showers you've done have been the coolest! Jen R


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