Wednesday, July 23, 2008

off to the beach!!!

Seagull Print by BerkleyIllustration

I'm headed to the beach tomorrow, for a long-awaited little vacation with my family and parents. Perhaps I'll run into this guy? This gentleman seagull really brings a smile to my face. On Etsy by berkleyillustration. Check out all their other "serious" animal portraits as well...they remind me just a little of Amber Alexander's popular work (she was my Artist of the Month recently).

One of the things I'll be doing is attending an Antiques & Collectibles fair at Astoria, sponsored by Farmhouse Funk, that great antiques store I mentioned here. I'm planning to take lots of pics so I can report back all the wonderful-ness. PLEASE let it not rain!!

Anyway, I'm also setting up a few posts while I'm gone, so be sure to check back each day this week!


  1. You KNOW I love me some good flea marketing. I can hardly wait to see pics from your adventures in Astoria!!

  2. I love the beach. Have fun! I've got my fingers crossed for you that it won't dare rain. -Julia :-)

  3. Have a great time! I'll email you a list of things to look for at the Antique Fair for me. :-) Kidding.


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