Wednesday, July 30, 2008

update on Audrey

Thanks for your kind and caring comments about little Audrey, as well as those of you who offered to remember her in your prayers. She is in the midst of a grueling chemotherapy schedule, and her parents have been told that as bad as things have been for Audrey, they are bound to only get worse over the next month. So this is such a critical time in the life of their family. If you are a friend or family member, and would like the link to the online journal that has been set up for Audrey, please email me at courtneyg [at] and I'd be happy to send you the information. (If you have no idea who Audrey is, read this post. I also featured Audrey's cute bedroom here, several months ago.) Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers, friends!

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  1. This is just so heartbreaking. I'm glad to hear it's a more treatable form, but still. That poor little girl! -Julia


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