Monday, July 7, 2008

A Major Award

I won! I won!

What, you ask? This fabulous award from the equally fabulous Jen at Sanctuary Arts. I consider Jen to be the Queen of Furniture Makeovers, so when she created this award and sent it to five people, including me (for my dining room makeover), I had to smile. Me? Ladies, when you see some of the other furniture makeovers she included and awarded, you will be so inspired and amazed, you just may rush outside with paint brush or spray can before you even finish your coffee.

I am supposed to pass it on to one person. The first person that came to mind was Kimba of A Soft Place to Land. She even does Furniture Rehab Tutorials! But, she's already one of the original five that is getting the award straight from Jen. Sooo... the next person I immediately thought of to give this award to was Marie at Watch the Wind Blow By for her lovely makeover of a dining room/kitchen hutch. Here's the before and here's the after. It's a piece with great bones that just needed a little paint and a little lovin' and voila! it's got a new life and a new identity.

Thanks again to Jen for this fun award. You know, it's ironic that I was already thinking about furniture makeovers. In fact, as I'm working away on my e-zine (nevermind that I'm a whole week behind) I had already written an article on furniture makeovers. I guess great minds think alike! Oh, and if you're on my e-zine's coming...really, it is... :-)


  1. Congrats, Courtney! How fun! And congrats to Marie, too--I did love her hutch makeover.

    Can't wait to see your article on furniture makeovers in the e-zine! (No pressure or anything, though...) -Julia ;-)

  2. Congratulations on your award!

    I love marie :)


  3. Oh Courtney! You so deserve it, I find your blog soooo inspiring and I love to check in all the time and see what wonderful things you have conjured up.....! Jen R

  4. Your dining room makeover was (is) the bees' knees so it is soooooo well deserved!

  5. Congrats on your award!! It's very much deserved! I'm not sure I can say the same for myself, however...but I'm taking that award and running...before you change your mind! :o) THANK YOU!

  6. Awwwww!!! You really are so sweet. And I agree...Marie's makeover of her dining room is fantastic!

  7. Congrats!
    You so deserve it!!
    Your guests will be spoiled.
    Can i come??
    Can't wait to see what other pics you come up with.

  8. Hey congrats Courtney! What an honor... you are really coming into your own!

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