Monday, March 3, 2008

vintage/modern custom wedding invitation

I am dreadfully behind on posting new project photos on my Nesting Instincts website (the real one, not the bloggy one) and so have only just posted the gorgeous photos from the wedding I designed a few months ago. This reminded me that I wanted to show you the custom invitations I created for the event. The bride was looking for a very modern feel, but with a vintage/retro flavor. We accomplished modern with very simple typeface and black border (she brought me a sample of Kate Spade's logo to show the type she wanted).
We incorporated the retro feel by using a sentimental photo of the bride's grandmother on her wedding day in the 1940's. The paper was quality metallic cardstock and delivered a very simple elegance. I love the idea of custom invitations whenever possible. Sometimes it's difficult to incorporate a photo and still have the finished product look elegant...I'd like to think we accomplished both here.

To check out the rest of the gorgeous photography by The Photographers on my website, click here. Also, contact me if you'd like me to design a custom invitation or announcement...I'd love to talk with you!
P.S. - On a different note - Shauntelle at A Beautiful Abode wanted me to send you her way for a fun little contest she's be sure to check it out!

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  1. Gorgeous invitation Courtney! Wish I had knonwn you when I was getting married...




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