Tuesday, March 18, 2008

more Easter eggs and silly games...

Sweet 'n' simple: I love this easy idea for decorating Easter Eggs from Real Simple magazine. Just use rubber bands to create cool patterns and colors when dyeing the eggs! Love it. Find the article here.

On a totally different subject, I'm It. No, not as in "I'm All That" but as in "I've been tagged". Shauntelle at a Beautiful Abode was "tagged", had to list ten weird facts about herself, and then tag three other bloggers. I'm one of them. If you don't care about totally random personal details, skip this next part. (Especially since my brain is quite fried after an already long day, so I can't be held responsible for what you may be about to read.) Here goes nothin':

1. I was the seventh-grade district spelling bee champion. I know, I know...I'll be signing autographs after this post.

2. I usually count the number of stairs in my head as I'm going up and down...particularly the ones in my own house (which is ironic, because of course I have the number memorized and don't need to count them: 15 to upstairs, 12 to the basement...of course!).

3. I HATE to clean. But I know that it's good to be clean. So, for my recent 30th birthday, I requested a regular cleaning service...and got it (for a few months anyway, till the moolah runs out). This Thursday's the first day...yikes!...I'd better go pick up before she gets here!

4. Shauntelle is my design twin. It's a little freaky. We apparently have similar decorative tastes, same favorite colors, same affinity for Craigslist, same fabric choices for our chair re-dos, same love of reading (and both very fast readers - this I just found out reading her 10 weird things post)...every time I find out more about her I just hear eerie music playing in the background, because we are quite similar.

5. When I was a teenager and in my early twenties, I was notorious for being a really horrible cook. Everything I tried my hand at was a miserable failure. Once I got married, my luck mysteriously turned and I seem to be pretty good at it now. (Still don't enjoy it - but at least it's edible.)

6. I've travelled to 17 different countries, give or take a few. (I lost count somewhere between Belgium and Luxembourg and a few other tiny ones.) All of this was P.K., mind you (Pre-Kids).

7. Somehow I did not realize what a baseball nut my husband was until after we got married. He's crazy enough about the Chicago Cubs (which makes perfect sense, being from Portland, Oregon, right?) that's he's constantly trying to figure out ways to pay homage to them by naming our children "Wrigley" or something equally horrible. (This is also a test to see if he really reads my blog!)

8. I was a church worship leader for four years. Crazy stuff, huh? Lots of fun, and I loved it, but also kinda stressful. One of my favorite parts was promoting art & creativity in a worship setting.

9. I can't go to people's houses without redecorating them in my head. Which is great when it's a client's house, not-so-great when it's just a friend's dinner party and I'm caught looking around at everything quite intently.

10. Okay, I've drawn a blank. This isn't really a weird fact, but I couldn't resist an opportunity to show you my pride & joy. Here's my girls playing dress-up recently:

Don't ya just wanna kiss 'em all up??

Okay, enough self-indulgence. Now, I'm suppose to tag three other bloggers that haven't been tagged yet. Oh boy. That means I have to know three other bloggers. Well, here goes: Megan at disorder2order, and, uh-oh...I've drawn another blank (it's been happening a lot today). Well, if you're a blogger and you read this, consider yourself tagged! There are so many fabulous blogs that I read that have been around a lot longer than I and have probably been tagged countless times, so if you have a blog (one with lots of history, or one that's new) and want to jump in, please consider yourself tagged by me! Then leave a comment and let me know if you've posted your 10 things.


  1. LOVE IT! Especially the picture of the girls. So cute! We are design twins, it's really uncanny. I'm looking at a nap right now and it sounds like you need one too... take care!


  2. So cute Courtney, I just love those girls... when you can, check out my 10 weird things... that was actually hard.

    By the way, I did eggs today too and I saw this great idea in Family Fun using leafs and a nylon... they really turned out so cute... especially if you can find some neat shapes.



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