Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Finds - More Chair Love

I'm just not done! I've found too many talented artists and too much gorgeous chair artwork not to revisit the subject once more this week! (Not to mention that chairs are just one of my favorite subjects anyway!) If you missed last week's fabulous finds, you might want to read up, because that one was about chairs too. Just wanted to make sure you check out all the following artists' work. Too fun.

*Edited to add: After working long and hard on this post, in spite of Blogger giving me MUCH TECHINCAL DIFFICULTY, I posted it, only to discover that the photo links do not work. However, the links to the Etsy artists do work, so you'll have to go to their shop and then select the piece of art you're interested in viewing more closely. I'm sorry for the extra step - I'm going to be doing more research and troubleshooting today and see if I can fix this.

red chairs noteset (5 cards)

small notebook

Here's a very chic designer that clearly loves chairs as much as I do. Cricicis Design offers lots of sophisticated stationary and paper goods, including several items that feature modern and iconic chairs, and all at very reasonable prices.

"Olivia" original collage

"Zoey" original collage

Another designer who is paying tribute to the noble chair. Aren't these collages by CourtneyP. just sooo charming? These are original collages on wood frames and are extremely affordable. We're talking original artwork for under $20, people! Don't all flood her shop at once. :-) (And these are not the only chair collages she offers - be sure to check out the complete selection.)

"Tribute to the Hans Wegner wishbone chair"

I love this idea because it's very unique. This original piece by nquinn is sewn by hand on upholstery grade fabric that is an angora micro-weave, then framed in a vintage frame. She has several pieces that pay homage to mid-century iconic designs like this one...but they are done in such a charming, handmade way.

antique copper riveted chair charms

I think these sweet charms by Epoch Beads are for making jewelry, but I don't really know, and it doesn't really matter, because on their own, they are so tiny and cute and different. You could put them in a shadowbox...or create a sweet tablescape...or wear one on a bracelet or necklace chain...the possibilities are endless and one-of-a-kind. Too cute.

*Edited to add: check out this bracelet by Epoch Beads - she just wrote and let me know she's got this gorgeous jewelry that if you look closely, you'll see the tiny gold chairs, like the ones above, in amidst the beads. I love this! Thanks for the heads-up, Tracie!

Designer Chairs Cocktail Napkins (Set 1)

Designer Chairs Cocktail Napkins (Set 2)

I'm feeling a little more sophisticated just looking at these cocktail napkins...imagine how sophisticated I would be if I actually owned them. (Actually, if these are all it takes to make me sophisticated, then sign me up!) Anyway, designer Avril Loreti has fashioned these gorgeous napkin sets, along with other napkin and coaster designs, that are a perfect gift for the design-savvy hostess or friend. Be sure to check out all her fun designs.

"Chair No.5" original painting

"Garden Room" original painting

"Blue Chandelier" original painting

"Triple Fern" original painting

Hey, how did the sofas sneak in? This is a post about chairs! Ah, well, I think they got in because they are so darn cute that I just had to let them in. Besides, they are all by the same talented artist and I had a hard time editing it down to just one or two paintings. Flying Rhymes is yet another very talented artist who not only creates fun and whimsical paintings, but then offers her original works at very affordable prices. This combination always warms my heart. Check out her complete shop - it's so fun.

Well, that's my fabulous finds for this week, folks. It's snowing here in Portland, Oregon, which is extremely confusing for us, mostly because A) it almost never snows here and B) when it does, it's in the dead of winter, not a week into SPRING! My tulips all have very confused looks on their faces at the moment. (Yes, tulips do have faces.) Anyway, have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back Monday with before & after photos from another fabulous redesign! This time it's a family basement/rec room/game room. For now, Happy Weekend to you!

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