Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Celebrating Green

So Angela at Cottage Magpie (really fun blog...I recently added her to my favorites!) put forth the challenge: share photos of favorite items from around your house that are green and post them on your blog. I love the idea of celebrating one particular color at a time...especially this one! I love fact, it's only second to blue for me. (I had to laugh - almost every picture of green from my home also has blue in it!) So here goes:

Look amongst the foliage you can spot the green buds of soon-to-be tulips in my front yard! Yay!!

This glass bowl was a wedding gift, and I've always loved how the blue glass on the top fades down into green glass on the bottom.

I love my method cucumber dish soap and hand soap...perfect candidates because they are green in color and green - as in environmentally friendly.

I know, more green with blue. But check out my cool vintage lamp (that I got for free!) that fades from blue to green. Do I get extra credit for the green wall, too? (That wall will soon be painted a pale aqua, though...shhhh!)

My beautiful little bluebells that bloom right by my front door. Their green stalks are lovely...and, are their periwinkle blossoms. :-)

...and last, but not least, a little sage green pitcher I picked up on clearance at Target several years ago. It looks vintage to me and of course is very sweet next to my blue vases.

Can I vote for a "blue" challenge next month? >wink<


  1. I found your blog at Cottage Magpie...and I really enjoy to read it...and I love the mix.. :) Very nice green things you show!

    ~Annie in Sweden

  2. Very pretty! I came over from Cottage Magpie. :)

  3. Cottage Magpie has such a reach. Great photos and green is my favorite color too.

    Have a great week!

  4. thanks for visiting! stop by anytime! :-)

  5. I love that little sage green pitcher. It really does look vintage! It's fun seeing everyone's "green" posts!


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