Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Interior Redesign: Before & After...continued

Phew...I finally got these photos uploaded...not sure why it wasn't working, but anyway...here's another before/after set from the master bedroom & living room redesign I did recently.


(and yes, how irritated with myself am I for leaving my camera case on the table...and not noticing it until now??)

After the bedroom was done, we moved on to the living room. By then, we were short on time, and so didn't tackle the furniture placement. (Notice the armoire and loveseat are crowding the fireplace; I left the client with a suggested arrangement to try later, because our time was just about up.) So I just worked on accessorizing and placement of artwork.

living room before...

living room after...

entryway before...entryway after...

This was a fun redesign. My client has great taste and her style is what I call "contemporary country". Her family has only lived in the house for about a year, so it was fun to help make it a home. I also consulted on paint colors and additional rooms that we didn't photograph, as well as furniture placement in the living room. We ended the day with a suggested shopping list for her and suggested paint colors for the house.


  1. You're so good! I love your work!

  2. Hi :-) Thanks for visiting me, and for the kind comment! You're so sweet! :-) I love the redecorating you've done! Perfect details!


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