Thursday, January 31, 2008

ReDesign Story: Before & After


This is an example of how even subtle changes can make a big impact in a redesign. This is a redesign I did just recently and wanted to share part of it with you. This was a beautiful room to start with...the "before" is not really so bad, is it?! However, I did address a few small problems:

1. The mirror was hung too high over the mantel, making the ceiling seem lower. We hung the mirror about three inches lower, (only about one inch from the mantel) and suddenly it seemed in better proportion to the rest of the fireplace. Not to mention the ceiling seemed higher.

2. There were lots of little things on the mantel. When there are too many little things, your eye no longer registers them as individual objects, but rather over-all clutter. We took out all the little framed photos and replaced them with fewer, larger ones. (Some of what you see in the "after" photo looks like clutter, but it's actually just the reflection in the mirror! That darn reflection!)

3. We switched the clock with the rectangular framed picture hanging on either side of the fireplace. Now the green plant and the round clock both help to visually break up the line of rectangles that existed before.

4. Since there's already a green plant on the left side of the mantel, I put the other green plant on the right side of the hearth to balance it. The basket with pillows and blankets is just a nice cozy touch...and it's large, which is important on a hearth. My mantra for fireplaces and mantels is this: fewer items of a larger scale.

5. Raised the tiny lamp on top of the TV cabinet up slightly by setting it on old books. Also removed an unnecessary box from the top of the cabinet, making the cabinet seem slightly less weighty and black.

I'll probably post a few more pictures later of some other rooms/vignettes we redesigned at this home. This will just whet your appetite for now! As always, if you'd like help redesigning your own home, just contact me!

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