Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Finds

In celebration of Friday, I've collected a few fabulous finds to showcase. In fact, "Friday's Fabulous Finds" is going to become a regular feature here on the blog. This week's finds from Etsy are all vintage-inspired:

1. VintageImageMadness - they offer downloadable copies of vintage postcards. How cool is that? So if you love making your own cards and invitations like I do, now you have an endless supply of authentic vintage greeting card images to do it with. Each page has about 8 different images on it...they're super cheap and you can use them as many times as you want once you've downloaded them. (Some of you may have to act surprised if you get a card from me in the future with one of these images on it!)

2. LuLuSparkles - with a name like this, how could you not love it? You know I love sparkly things...vintage sparkly ones are even better. She creates beautiful, one of a kind jewelry made up of vintage components...lots of rhinestones and glass crystals. The photos of the jewelry themselves are yummy - each piece of jewelry is pictured on a unique and vintage-looking background.

3. AuntyCookie - she creates made-to-order vintage bunting. Each banner of flags is different - you can determine the color theme, etc. I think they would be adorable for a birthday party...and then...I'd put them in the kids' bedroom or playroom year-round!


  1. I just read your entire new blog and I love it! Great photos & links. Great ideas. What's not to like? I'm gonna add this to my favorites!

  2. so tickled that you think my shop is a fabulous find! thank you much!


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