Thursday, January 10, 2008

cheap and simple centerpiece

Instead of fresh flowers in a vase, why not try some citrus in a simple bowl or vase? I mentioned this idea in this month's ezine using lemons or limes. Here's a "twist" on that idea...

The other day I wanted to buy limes for an arrangement. Oh my word, they were expensive! And lemons too. Ah, to live in California where they - literally - grow on trees! So I was pretty happy to discover that Winco has huge bags of tangerines for $1.99 right now. I supplemented with just a handful of lemons and it's a simple but fun arrangement that reminds me just a little of summer. You could stretch your dollar even further by wadding up some newspaper in the very bottom of the bowl and then arranging your citrus on top of that.

For a more shabby chic look, I've paired tangerines and lemons with a white footed bowl and a vintage tablecloth. For a more modern look, I would put those same tangerines and lemons into a large, clear, square vase I have and place that on top of a simple runner.

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