Monday, January 14, 2008

Home Goods: Where have you been all my life?

So my friend Lauree has been telling me about Home Goods for weeks now...and my mom...and possibly others who I can't remember at this moment. Anyway, this morning I was on my way to Ikea, and we had some time to kill because we got there early (with two kids, no less!! are you impressed?) so we headed over to Home Goods to pass the time. Oh my, I had such fun. It reminds me a little of Tuesday Morning, but much larger, better organized, and with more selection.

Some of my favorite things at Home Goods:

1. All things "Dining" - all the glassware, pottery, ceramics - and of course the fun linens too. There's something for everyone there. Myself, I am a sucker for cake stands...and they had more cake stands than I could count, and every single one of them was unique and decorative. They were much better than the generic glass ones that are a dime a dozen (if only they only actually COST a dime a dozen, though!). The Emma Cake Stand, pictured below, is selling for $38.00 on Pottery Barn's website (just so you can visualize what I'm talking about). The most expensive cake stand I saw this morning at Home Goods was $19.99 - and many of them more elaborate and decorative than this one.

2. Storage solutions - quality designer magazine holders, baskets, and boxes that would make a gorgeous office for not much money. Also, some sizeable baskets with lids that would make great toy storage or hide blankets.

3. Seasonal decor - it was definitely almost Valentine's Day there...and St. Patrick's Day...and Easter. I've already picked up some Easter decor that's fairly classy. In fact, you may see these things again in the future. Okay, it's some nests with you get it?? Nesting Instincts? I couldn't resist those nests...or pointing out the symbolism... :-) I'll add a photo of them later.

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