Monday, May 5, 2008

Nesting Instincts Goes Down Under

Woohoo! Sorry, not a very dignified way to begin a post. Let me start again. Ahem, ladies and gents...ah, whatever. I need to just spit it out! I had the fabulous opportunity to contribute as an "expert" to an article on Real Living magazine's website. Real Living is a very fun magazine in Australia - wish it was here too - that focuses on decorating, shopping, food, living - hey, all my favorite things! Web editor Belinda Graham is a faithful reader of my blog and she asked if I could contribute to an article where readers submit questions about decorating delimmas (you may remember me sending you to her blog for this post).

Anyway, the article is live on their website! Go check it out - and you may find you even have some of your questions answered! Definitely read the whole article if you have time - if you submitted a question, it may be answered there (I know yours was answered, Jen!). If you need the "cliff note's" version, here's my portion of the article. She even included one of my before-and-after photos.

Thanks again, Belinda, for this opportunity. It was so fun and I am tickled pink to be included!


  1. Courntey, thansk for the heads up! Your part was great! I think you have a future career writing for magazines!:)
    JEn R

  2. How cool is that??? I may submit my own picture to you for some help! :o)

  3. I'll second your WOO HOO! How great, Courtney!

  4. that's awesome! i've been a fan of your blog and inspired by your before & afters for awhile. glad to see you out there. :)

  5. How exciting! I'm thrilled for you. Yay! I'm also glad you introduced me to Real Living, which I hadn't heard of before you started mentioning it.

    That bedroom redesign that you did was pretty incredible. I mean, they had furniture in front of DOORS before, let alone windows. What a difference when you were done! -Julia

  6. thanks everyone! thanks so much for stopping by and your encouragement. And Marie - go ahead and send me a pic! would love to chat!

  7. Very cool...will have to check out!


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