Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Finds - paper crafts

detail shot of "butterflies"
In my recent browsing on Etsy, I've come across several artists that create uncommonly beautiful items out of a very common material: paper. I love the seemingly endless creativity on Etsy, and this week's artists are no exception. They've taken paper and used it for more than just correspondence or grocery lists; it's no longer just for book pages or bank statements. Paper has always been a medium on which to place art, like watercolor or ink, but this week it has, itself, been elevated to Art (with a capital "A"). I love it. I've chosen just five to highlight here this week. Definitely browse their shops, as some fantastic things await you!


"white daffodils"

Aren't these framed cut-paper works just stunning? Artist Molly Jey creates fabulous three-dimensional works of art. They're close to the top of my price range for art...but they're just so gorgeous I can excuse it...just this once. :-)

I fell in love with this dogwood garland immediately. The flowers are paper mache! In fact, so is the standing poppy. I can picture this garland above my daughter's bed...or strung in front of my fireplace mantel to celebrate spring...or at a wedding shower...or...or...I could go on and on. By Middleburg Folk Art Studio. (They offer many different flower garlands as name it.)

large latte bag

What a fun bag! Celebrate your favorite coffee shop in a funky way - or give as a gift to a coffee-loving friend. A few years back I was at a garage sale and the gal was selling bags like this. Now, I see that this Etsy seller, Sweet Purses, is from my own town. I bet I met her back then! Small world!

Sakura cut paper lamp

peacock feather cut paper notecard

This lamp caught my eye several weeks ago and I was just waiting for the right time to post about it. Artist Intertwingle has several different designs of this beautiful cut-paper lamp. I included their peacock feather card too because it's just yummy.

3 Flowers collage box

Bohemian star

"Fabulous Fonts - coasters"

My husband calls me a "font geek" because I get ridiculously excited about cool fonts. Put them on decorative objects for the home...and you can imagine how I can cause a scene in my excitement. :-) I love this font and coaster set covered in "fabulous fonts"...I also love the box and Bohemian star decoupaged with decorative papers. Fun decor! By Carolina Cottage.

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  1. You are so sweet to link to me!

    These really are some fabulous finds today. And I enjoyed checking out Shore Chic, too, which was a new blog to me.

    Hope you have a good Memorial Day weekend, Courtney! We're off to visit Dave's family in Northern Indiana. -Julia :-)

  2. Oh, here I was oohing and ahhing over all those beautiful paper crafts and I was shocked to see you mentioned me in the SAME POST. :o) Thank you!

    I have to say...I'm a font geek too. I giggle when I find things with letters on them. I thought I was alone. ha! I should have known better.

    If you are up for doling out some free advice- and I'd love it if you were- pop on over to my blog. I have a kitchen dilema. I hope I spelled that right. ha ha

  3. Ohhh...loving the first ones in the shadow boxes!

  4. I love the flowers collage box and the letter coasters! Really great finds!

  5. Great finds! I love those paper cut outs. I think I've seen those frames at Ikea. What a creatvie and clever idea!
    Jen R

  6. Courtney thanks for the feature. It is always nice to find another soul that appreciates my work.

  7. I love each and every find! But I am particularly smitten with the garland!

  8. Laura has apparently been in Laura's little world...because I'm just seeing now that you linked to me!!! That was so super sweet of you. Thank you for the support. :-)


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