Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday's Fab Finds

Happy Friday! This is just sort of a fun and funky collection for you today. After bragging about how I always managed to find fabulous things within a certain theme...there's no theme today. Totally random. Just pretty things that I really like...something for every style here, and of course, with a few more pretty baubles thrown in too. This week I've chosen artists who are particularly interesting and prolific, so it would definitely be worth browsing each one of their shops. I don't have as much time to be wordy today as I'd like (you know I like to be wordy!) so I'll have to let the pictures do most of the talking this time. Enjoy!

Hill Crest Island blank folk art card
Each of these prints are by folk artist Catherine Holman. Her artwork is charming. In fact, I love the descriptions of each print...check out this one about Hill Crest Island blank folk art card: "Clarita and Henry Castaway live in a cottage on Hill Crest Island. They row their little red boat to the mainland each morning to have coffee and breakfast with their friends at a local cafe."

Isn't this necklace just so pretty? It's by Demimonde Jewelry who offers a wide and eclectic selection of pretty things.

Ruby slippers gocco print

These little slippers have been in my favorites for a long time! Aren't they sweet? I wouldn't mind owning these slippers - the print or the actual shoes - myself. By Flower Press.

Free to Be print

I love, love, love this print by Wyanne. The colors, the subect it.

This necklace is made using a vintage watch movement. Isn't it so sweet? Love the vintage detail in this piece. By BirdzNBeez. Shooter print Peacock print

Peacock print

Artist Jen Skelley has been one of my favorites for a really long time. This is just one bird from her Exotic Birds series... they are all just simple and charming. In fact, I own this blue peacock cute.

Here are the finds for this week, everyone. Have fun looking at these shops. If you'd like, you can catch up on previous Fab Finds here. Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Great finds, as usual. I love the "Free to Be" print especially. It's really lovely.

    Enjoy your Mother's Day weekend, Courtney! -Julia :-)

  2. Thank you Julia! You too...and all you mothers out there!

  3. Thanks Courtney,
    Really flattered you featured my Ruby Slippers on your beautiful blog :-)

  4. you're welcome Susie! they are adorable :-)

  5. I love the "Free to Be" print - so lovely!


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