Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Jewelry Extravaganza

I love my mother...and I love jewelry...and I love being a mother...and I love receiving jewelry...hey, why not put all these loves together in one post? (I know, I'm a cheeseball.) But, seriously, it only takes a minute of browsing Etsy to realize that there are a lot of talented jewelry artists out there. My favorite part is finding something that is handmade, and therefore, one of a kind. This May, why not treat yourself or one of the favorite women in your life to something sparkly and feminine? I searched high and low and edited it to just a few of my favorites for today. Here they are:
I think this is just a great idea, and the Picture Frame Bracelet Co. pulls it off beautifully. They will insert the photo of your choice for you, or include instructions with the bracelet for you to do yourself. I didn't include photos of these, but there are also bracelets with openings for two or four photos. I'm thinking this is a perfect gift for a mom or grandma, but also a proud aunt or even pet owner might appreciate one.

pea pod necklace

Isn't this sweet? You can request this necklace with any number of peas in the pod. Great for a mom or even an expecting mother. By Etsy artist Tefi.

Cuffed by Cupid bracelet

These bracelets I just picked 'cause they're pretty. They don't really have a Mother's Day theme, but they've been favorites of mine for a while and I wanted to showcase them here. I love big chunky bracelets, and I love the way that Sharonk1420 brings an old-fashioned charm to a larger, more modern style.

Addison Mommy & Me freshwater pearl bracelets

I love this idea of matching Mommy & Me bracelets. Aren't they cute? This would be a sweet gift for both a mom and her little girl. Check out the selection at Little Diddle Boutique, as they have a lot of charming little jewelry items for little ones as well as a few more Mommy & Me sets to choose from.

"Marie pick your poison" earrings

"Invisible sun" necklace

Oh my word, don't you just love those earrings? SPARKLY! And the necklace too. I fell in love with them immediately and had to post them here...again, just 'cause they're so pretty. I really like all the jewelry in Golden Stiletto's shop, so it's definitely worth browsing.

Hmm, my credit card is calling my name. Must. resist. must. be. strong.


  1. I'm trying to teach your mom how to leave a comment.

  2. Lovely! One can never have enough "bling" or pearls, I'm sure of it. :)

  3. Wow! Thank you for the nod. My peapods have been more popular than ever this Mother's Day season. Love to all the moms out there!

  4. I agree Cathy! Thanks for stopping by. And're welcome. And, might be a loosing battle...:-) xoxo

  5. These are fabulous finds!! We are drooling over those earrings!! Have a blessed Sunday!

    kari & kijsa


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