Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Finds - Newcomers

I was browsing lots of fairly new shops on Etsy and spied several fabulous finds I thought I'd share with you today. They are varied, fun, quirky...something for everyone. They happen to share a somewhat neutral color palette and each reminds me of summer. It's extremely hot here today in Portland (or at least it's hot for us) so it's impossible to not have summer on the brain. Here we sure to support each of these new artists and their shops!

Cathy's Sunroom print

I love these prints by watercolor artist and Etsy newcomer Judysbrush. I feel like I'm there at that cafe in Rome or standing outside Cathy's sunroom. The prints are very reasonably priced and come in a few different sizes.

"Calm" photographic print

"Fleur" photographic print

These images strike me as both romantic and soothing. They are photographic prints from F2Images, printed on metallic paper. Very pretty.

"Lonely Mushroom" print

I don't know...this just struck me as adorable. Can't you see it in a kid's bedroom or playroom? I'm sure there's a story behind this sweet mushroom, by Tungnut Studios.

Dragonfly Necklace

I like this sweet copper necklace from Industrial Poppy. So summery, and it could work with any outfit.

Dragonfly Garden collage

This is a complex creation of a variety of recycled papers, Japanese Yuzon paper and metallic gold thread...though regardless of what it's made of...I just think it's pretty! By Etsy seller Artbycaro.

That wraps up these fabulous your support for these new Etsy artists! And enjoy your weekend - we have our first taste of summer here in the Pacific Northwest! I'll be back on Monday with another fabulous redesign to show you! For now, if you'd like to browse past Fabulous Finds over the weekend, read here.


  1. Ohhh...great finds!! Love the last one.

  2. me too, Diana! thanks for stopping by. :-)

  3. Courtney, Thank you so much for featuring my prints. I agree very much with your philosophy of art being attainable to everyday people. ;)

  4. Courtney, thanks so much for the shout out on your (oh-so-beautiful) blog. Enjoy the summer!

  5. I love these prints! You always have such great finds! Jen

  6. Thanks Jen! And f2images and industrialpoppy - you are more than welcome! I love your work.

  7. Hi - how are you? This is my first time to your blog - lots of cool stuff. I like this post about newcomers to etsy. I especially like the photographic print of the calm sea - I am goingt to take a look at more of her things - thanks!

  8. love these!! Another beautiful day here! hope yours is wonderful!!

    kari & kijsa


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