Thursday, May 8, 2008

Easy Solutions for Small Spaces

If you're anything like me, the last problem you have in your home is that it's just "too big". Ha! Not so much. Most of my friends, like myself, deal with spaces that can quite easily feel too small. I recently read an article at Better Homes and Gardens that got me thinking about ways you can make small spaces seem not so small. They had several great suggestions that I wholeheartedly seconded, so I thought I'd share a few of them here. Read here for the full BH & G article and all the photos.

The Number One solution I look for in a small room is creative, attractive storage. Here you can see they used wicker cubes with storage inside as their coffee table. And if you've got little ones, this is definitely the way to go. It's great to have a place for their toys - but not to have to look at their toys. It's also great for blanket and game storage.

Stack it! You'll notice that there is a wine rack on top of a tall armoire. Sometimes you just have to go up in your storage.

Keep your color palette simple. Limiting to just a few colors can help a space feel more calm and open it up visually.

Hang your curtains from just below the ceiling line. This is a lovely optical illusion that will make your walls and ceiling seem taller. Notice the coffee table in this pic? It also offers storage. Love that!

Mirrors will always visually open up a space. Here's an example of what three large, dramatic ones can do. But smaller ones - even a large collage of quite small mirrors - still brings that reflective quality into the room, making it seem a little bigger.

Isn't this a gorgeous ottoman? It also doubles as extra seating if the owner's having a party. I love furniture that does double duty for small spaces. If you can find an ottoman that also offers storage - hey, triple duty is even better!

all images: Better Homes and Gardens


  1. Great tips, plus these rooms don't look overcrowded.

  2. I love that turquoise living room!

    I have a wicker cube similar to the ones shown here that I keep in my family room for the kids' DVDs and it works great. Yeah, they're just a mess in there, but that's okay. The kids love digging through them to find what they want, and I don't have Spongebob and The Backyardigans on display. -Julia :-)

  3. Thanks for showing off my 'Free to Be' print on your blog and I love everything you picked out! P.S. Your mom's adorable, too.



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