Thursday, July 1, 2010

mini makeover

Here's a little project I completed recently. (So many projects, so few completions these days, it seems!) As my card business is growing, I've been scrambling to get organized and find a permanent home for all of my card-making supplies. I have an older home with some built-ins surrounding the fireplace. I LOVE them, but up until recently, they've mostly held dining/entertaining dishes and...stuff.

Here's my "before" can see how the practical supplies slowly took over to where my poor vintage punch set is relegated to one shelf. Everything else is mismatched and ugly. Various boxes from various stages of my decorating history are somewhat functional, but the overall look is UHgly.

After! A $16 investment at Ikea on white boxes, combined with the white and aqua ones I already had, made a huge difference. I organized and consolidated my supplies, and now there's a home for everything. The best blends in an looks like it's supposed to be there. My poor little punch set is now relegated to just two thirds of one shelf, but it's a necessary evil. It only gets used once or twice a year anyway, so it's okay if it's somewhat out of reach.

Here's the "before" again, with the built-in doors closed. Who came in and made this mess in my house? Not I, said the Little Red Hen.

And another "after". It feels like it's meant to be, because not only is it more attractive now, it's totally functional. It's easier to find the things I need.

...especially 'cause I labeled everything. These are some of my favorite labels...2" rounds from Paper Source. Love that place. I had to turn the larger boxes sideways, due to the shelf size, so that's why I chose to add my own labels on the side.

And the trusty little Ikea boxes. I think it cost $4 for two of these (or something equally cheap).

I've got a lot of little areas in my house where clutter builds up. Do you know the feeling? I'm trying to systematically sort/organize the clutter in each area, and then create a way to beautify the space that is attractive but still makes sense. It's slow going, because it seems that for every space I conquer, there are ten more waiting for the same fate. But, people, we Must. Not. Give. Up. (That's what I tell myself anyway!) Next to my front door is another spot...I've got my eyes peeled for the perfect little piece of furniture at garage sales or on Craigslist that can help me solve my problem there. You will, of course, be the first to know when I find it!

Where does clutter gather at your house? Do you have any creative solutions for it? Or has it gotten you down?


  1. Beautiful job! It looks great and I'm sure feels so much better being organized!

  2. I agree for everything put away dozens more arrive and await. I used to be sooo organized it was awful now I'm does that happen.

    Your space looks fab.

  3. Love your post. Those boxes are awesome. Can't beat the price! I live in a small home, so I keep clutter at bay. We put gorilla racks in the garage and have clear labeled bins for most of the stuff we don't use every day. It makes entertaining easy and fun!

  4. Hi Courtney! I too use the Ikea organizing boxes...where did you get the aqua colored boxes? Those would work wonderfully in my house!!


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