Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I have no words...letters, but no words

What do you do when you have SO many ideas about projects and blog posts, and yet REAL LIFE seems determined to keep you from completing any of them? What about all the projects I have half-done...with photos even...but none of those "after" pics that we all seem to love?

Well, I'm going to blogland for inspiration. I know that the three people who read my blog (too many? maybe two?) are creative, inspirational, re-purposing, visionary sort of people. SO, here ya go:

I bought ALL of these wooden letters at a garage sale recently for $8 total. Woohoo! They were marked at $1 a piece, and there are about 32 or so of them. I offered $8 for the whole box, and she went for it! I'm almost never afraid to bargain with someone, because if they're like me, they're having a garage sale to get RID of stuff...the making money part is a secondary benefit. (Not ALL people think like this, mind you...but lots of 'em do.)

I bought these intending to do something fabulous with them, and then re-sell them individually for a small profit. Maybe in my Etsy shop, but I'm not really sure. The bigger letters are about 12" tall, the smaller are about 7" tall. And, there are very few actual words I can spell with these, since I'm short on vowels. That's why I thought I would do something artistic and sell them separately. The problem is, all my ideas have already been done before and are not really that unique. I thought of glittering them...I love glitter, but *yawn* it's everywhere (especially at the holidays). I thought of decoupage or even just a different paint color. The finish on them is a creamy white with slightly distressed edges. The letters are new and have never been used (as far as I can tell).

What to do, people? What to do? My creative juices need help to start flowing!


  1. Sorry:( Low on juice here too! I'm sure you will think of something fabulous though. I'm not that crafty but there are so many bloggers out there who are.


  2. I read your blog, so #2 here. I'm in Pdx. Not creative at all.....I would buy those letters and then stare at them for 10 years wondering why I wasn't clever like other people. You'll come up with something wonderful as soon as it cools off. Look at me complaining after our horrible summer so far!


  3. These are so pretty! I love that they already have a white distressed finish. What about making a wreath and hanging the initial inside, on a ribbon or similar? My friend made a wreath like that for her wedding and it's very pretty.

    Or, maybe a collage in a shadowbox that includes the initial?

    The smaller ones could be made into cake toppers for a wedding cake by mounting them onto a stand and adding nice details. Sand dollars for a beach wedding? Distressed finishes make me think of the beach!

  4. I like the cake topper idea! I was also thinking you could add them to the center of wreaths... but that's a little more work put into it...

    it would be ore expensive, but I was thinking when I saw them all laid out like that how cute a collage would be with the whole alphabet... painted in primary-ish colors/ the colors in the baby's room...

  5. Heather - I love the wreath idea! That is excellent. And Leslie, I like your thoughts about a collage! Unfortunately, I don't have the whole alphabet...only the letters in the picture. So when those are gone, they're gone. But the wreaths...that gets me thinking.

    Some of my facebook fans had some great ideas of them suggested covering them in moss and possibly marketing them to weddings.

    And now my creative juices ARE flowing...just what I was hoping for! Keep those ideas coming!

    :-) Courtney

  6. Low on inspiration for you...lots of those purchases here too.

  7. Glad to see I'm not the only blogger who likes garage sales. I love bargaining but you're right not everyone will, but it sure is fun when they do:)


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